• How Much Should I Save Per Paycheck To Reach My Retirement Goals?

    This question is another tricky one because it depends on who is asking it. If you’re 18 and asking this question, well, I’d say you’re starting off right by asking, and if you are putting away 10% – even if you’re only making $20,000 per year, you’re saving $2,000/year and in 50 years you’d be […]

  • What Do I Do During a Bear Market? What Do I Invest In?

    Photo by: artct45If you’re between 20-40 years old, don’t do anything. Stay where you’re at, markets fluxuate. That is their nature and that should have been something you learned before you got it. If this is your first time hearing about it, don’t worry and more importantly, don’t run. Let the traders panic. That is […]

  • My Friend Just Got Offered 290k To Work In Iraq – Would You?

    Plonkee inspired me the other day in writing “would you move for a lower cost of living? to craft up an “other side of the coin” post to ponder – How much would it cost for YOU to move to a war torn area for a year in search of big bucks?

  • How Much Money Do You Make?

    It’s looked down on in a lot of circles to inquire, and maybe even rude in others and here at the MiB, we’re looking to dig deep into the depths of the questions.  Are you happy with your income?  Is your spouse?  Do your kids know how much you make?  What’s the standard?  How does […]

  • What Would You Do If You Were Given $50,000 Today?

    So the nice folks over at MarketLeverage have agreed to sponsor the contest this round as they’ve been duly impressed with the postings that come out of the M.I.B!  I’m happy to say that I’m happy to hear it!  That being said, the contest is giving away 3 American Express gift cards for $150, $100, […]

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  • Hanks Weekly Hangouts #38 (July 13, 2008)

    A hot week here in the Seattle area.  I finally finished my landscaping project and was slimmer on posting, but still cooked up How To Buy A Home With No Money Down! and I Took My Money Out Of The Stock Market Because I Knew It Would Fall, Now What?

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  • Hanks Weekly Hangouts #18 (February 23, 2008)

    Stumbling the blogosphere this week landed me on a lot of new sites. A lot of them themed around travel. I haven’t planned anything for this year yet, but last year landed me in the “land down under.” Where I will land this year is a mystery for now; for me, my wife, and the […]

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  • How Do You Calculate Net Worth?

    So in my last post I mentioned a new and improved way I was planning on calculating my net worth.  The general consensus says that the mortgage is the liability and the house is the asset.  People seem to be getting hung up on the fact that you’re not comparing apples to apples.  You’re comparing […]

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  • When Are You Reading This?  A Trending Look At Reading Personal Finance Blogs

    When Are You Reading This? A Trending Look At Reading Personal Finance Blogs

    I myself open up my Google RSS reader probably every 2 days to take a look at the 93 feeds I’m subscribed to. Yes, 93 people have things to say that very much interest me. And in my scanning of everyones latest posts today, I got to thinking, I only seem to scan the first […]

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