Advertising Goals:
The goal of MiB Smarter Money is to maintain the readability of the site for all the visitors, while attracting them to outside sites which may be of interest to them. Since our debut, readership has increased month over month. As of Sept 10, 2008, our unique visitors have increased 1097% since the first month and is rising every day! If you have a unique advertising option, contact me to discuss.

Product Reviews
If you have a book, article, or product you want to promote, you are free to send me a sample or copy. If I think it’s applicable or useful to my blog genre, I will likely blog about it. If you send extra copies, then I that will be offered to the readers as a giveaway, helping us both by increasing pageviews while increasing your product exposure.

Who should advertise with MiB Smarter Money?

* If you have a product or service that would benefit from being in front of readers interested in Personal Finance, you should consider it.
* If you want to be able to reach thousands of readers a month that are interested in a specific niche subject, you should consider it.

Why should you advertise with MiB Smarter Money?
* Thousands of readers visit MiB Smarter Money each month — unique visitors and page views have been growing steadily
* Hundreds of blogs link to MiB Smarter Money: see Technorati authority and reactions.
* Hundreds of readers subscribe to the feed
* 99.5% reach from Quantcast

Free Advertisement Options:

1. Guest Posting — I am always looking for guest posts relevant to the theme of this site. Along with your post, I will write a short introduction to promote your blog (or web site) and your RSS feed — this is an example. If you are interested, please contact me.
2. Commenting – When you leave a comment, or link to my post, you can leave your URL. Readers that are interested in what you have to say may follow the link back to your site.

Paid Advertisement Options:
All paid advertisement options will receive multi-month discounts! Contact me to hear the discount ladder!

1. Top Banner Ad ($120 per month)

* Text or graphic 400×50 banner (limited flashing and animation is acceptable)
* Appears on all single post blog pages

2. Sidebar sentence Ad ($45 per month)

* One sentence advertising your site, product, or service with a link to the web page where visitors can find more information

3. Sidebar 125×125 Ad ($55 per month)

* Graphic 125×125 banner (limited flashing and animation is acceptable)

4. Footer Ad ($30 per month)

* One sentence advertising your site, product, or service with a link to the web page where visitors can find more information.

Terms and Conditions

* The advertisement (”ad”) will appear for the length of the contract term
* You can modify the ad (e.g., image, anchor text, URL, and description) within the first 7 days of purchase, otherwise there is a $20 fee per update
* Satisfaction guaranteed, I will refund the remaining pro-rated amount at any time per your request (not including any transaction fee — i.e., if the refund is $100, you will get less than $100 due to the payment service fees)
* I retain the right to remove the ad at any time. If I do, I will refund the pro-rated amount (similar to above)
* I retain the right to redesign this site which may affect the layout, location, and link follow status of your ad.
* There is no guarantee of any kind — e.g., impressions viewed, traffic, etc.