Another Way To Turn A Few Extra Bucks In ANY Economic Situation

We’ve had a post (or 2 or 3) go across here preaching several ways to make money online with today’s tricky economic woes.  Well, we’ve stumbled across another (Thanks Pete). Pete has cashed in a few hundred dollars with the site and has sold me on it.  Once you get the ball rolling, it REALLY can roll fast.

It can most certainly turn into a passive income (where you’re doing nothing) if you give it a little ink to move along.  Sign me up CashCrate, I’ll take your survey’s and such for some sultry sly secondary salary…

So the setup is pretty easy and takes 30 seconds to turn your first dollar.  Here’s what you need to do:

1.  Hook up a new email address because, as you can imagine, they’re going to be spamming the email address you specify.  It’s part of the game, why else would they give up cold hard cash to do it? I signed up a new gmail account that I’ll check if they tell me to send something back.

2.  Log on and sign up for Cash Crate  by clicking on this link. You’re going to be sent to the main login page for CashCrate.  Click the “Join!” button and don’t forget to use your new email address!  Make sure you use your real name (or a name you’re allowed to cash checks under) so that they’ll be able to pay you out when you start turning a buck!

3.  Make your first $1 in 30 seconds by filling out your info with CashCrate Profile.  “After you login the site will invite you to answer some questions about yourself. This information will be used to better target offers as well as special surveys to you. US Members earn $1 for completing the simple two page survey.”

4. Start making more money by filling out more surveys and accepting offers! After you’ve signed up, you don’t have to verify anything, you just start to take surveys and tests.  Click on the link on your dashboard that says “complete offers” and it will bring you to a page where you can start filling out surveys for cash or for points (points can be redeemed for rewards like ITunes gift cards, Starbucks cards, etc).

5.  Some survey/test require payment from you first (Netflix, DirectTV, ADT Security) but if you’re in the market for these anyway, sign up through here because some of them pay out at $80!  I’m not in the market for them, now, but if you are, you could save a few bucks on the service.

6. Get an auto-form filler.  Rumor has it that auto-complete form filler like Google Autofill, Sxipper, or Roboform will help out in the filling out because you’re going to be typing in the same information a lot of the time (email address, name, phone, address) that you can shave a few minutes off by doing.  These programs will automatically fill out the forms for you so that you don’t have to manually enter all of your information every time you fill out a survey or trial

7.  Refer other people to the program and turn a few more bucks. You can also earn money at Cash Crate using referrals. For every new user that you refer to the service, you’ll get paid a small amount for surveys that they fill out, as well as getting a $3 bonus when they complete enough surveys to reach their first $10 payout. If you have a blog you can promote the Cash Crate site and link to it using your personal referral link. You can write a post (like this one) explaining the site, and referring people to the service. Once you get enough people referred to the service the payouts can be quite nice!

8.  Still concerned?  Read the FAQs!

Is CashCrate international?
Yes, CashCrate is international, but, only people from US and Canada get lots of surveys and offers to complete. If you want to join from other countries, you’ll have to work on referring people from US and Canada, to get money. As I said, because the earnings from CashCrate  are so high, it’s not so hard to get good revenue from referrals.

Revenue possibilities and limits?
Your revenue possibilities and limits are endless. The more time you put in it, more money you’ll make. For reaching a high payout every month, I suggest you complete the Daily Survey every day, complete as much offers per day as you can, and refer as much people as you can to join the program under you.

Minimum payout?
CashCrate‘s minimum payout is as low as $10. You can reach the minimum payout within a day, if your offers and surveys get approved fast enough. Even if all you do is complete the Daily Survey every day, you’ll get a check for $24 every month.

How many surveys/offers can I complete?
This depends on how much time you have on your hands. There are hundreds of surveys and offers to be completed, and new ones are added all the time.

What methods of payment does CashCrate support?
CashCrate supports only payment by Check, to prevent double accounts and other problems that arise by enabling paypal and other payment methods.

How do I sign up for CashCrate?
You can sign up by clicking this link: CashCrate

Conclusion and Review

There is no tried and true method online these days it seems. Everything is so new and you’ve gotta get while the getting is good (see AllAdvantage and Agloco). Stick to it and drive it through and you’ll likely be able to buy a few extra bells and whistles with the cash you’ve seen flow… Get email, Sign up here, cash in while the cashing is good!

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  • I never believed in survey type sites. I just cannot understand how do they make the money.

    I guess I need to check out this “Pete” you mentioned.

  • @Diare – I hear you. They make money by getting honest participants to try real products. The sellers of the products make money by providing a better service/product that people want based on actual people.

    yea, Pete is the admin @ that hooked me up to it. So far I’ve filled out a couple and made $10 in 2 weeks. Not millions but better than a poke in the eye, eh? We’ll see how it progresses…

  • I think it could be interesting for some people if they enjoy filling out info and taking surveys. I actually would probably enjoy a focus group more, where you get to interact and test products. I had a friend who was on a new car focus group and got to test 5 new cars for 5 weeks. He also was reimbursed for mileage and earned $100. Unfortunately, it was a one time survey and the company doesn’t have any other group surveys like this. I guess companies aren’t spending like they used to on research.

    The Passive Dad’s last blog post..Buy A Foreclosure For Under $1,000. A Little Sweat Equity Needed

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  • HAving never had much luck with the online survey method of making money I use other methods including offline money making efforts. One excellent way is to search through your drawers and jewellery boxes and find any old pieces of broken gold jewellery or gold necklaces,bracelets or rings that you no longer use. These can all be sent to online precious metal brokers and they will pay you cash by return mail. With the Gold market value hitting record levels it is well worth considering in todays economic climate.

  • Thanks for the post – this sounds better than the last survey system I used. You would have to spend 10-15 minutes filling out a preliminary survey and based on your results you would find out if they actually wanted to take the survey. I think the consolation prize was $1 or $2 bucks, but it would take a lot of time at that rate to meet the minimum payout (I think it was $50).
    .-= David´s last blog ..10 immutable rules for writing killer ad copy =-.

  • A few other sources for online income…

    I’ve used freelance workers from, and

    Elance and RAC…it will probably take you some time to make money there…it’s a bidding process. Mturk you can earn the money pretty quickly but it will be a small amount and not sure how often you get paid.

  • If you can write, be a freelance article writer.  Does pay a bit to help pay for some extras for my kids.  Thee are many places you can do this.  Just search for such jobs.