Why don’t people share their knowledge at work?

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I’m sure it has to do with the “old school” way of thinking that people would be more valuable to the team if THEY were the sole keepers of the information on a system. Before Al Gore invented the internet (cough, cough), knowledge wasn’t so readily available. PEOPLE were the knowledge. They didn’t have exabytes upon exabytes of data readily available at their fingertips with a home computer. People used that fact to their advantage and leveraged it in job interviews since the beginning of time. And employers were willing to pay for it; they had to.

Starting wth the GenX generation now though, that is quickly becoming a method of the past. People need to start realizing that they’re going to get paid MORE by SHARING that information with their team. Whether or not it is by offering bigger bonuses to people that share the information more, or by prodding it out of them by showing it is available elsewhere, and there isn’t a need for them to have the “team” mentality.

It really is a benefit to everyone anymore to put that info out there for everyone to absorb. The baby-boomers still left in the workforce in the coming years are going to come to a hard realization that they’re going to be pushed out of their jobs by not readily sharing this information because honestly, we don’t need someone holding on to generation-old mentalities about the workforce.

To wrap this into a valid post in my blogging niche, by not “spreading the knowledge wealth” throughout your team, you’re losing out on $$$ that is on the table. New technology firms are BIG on the sharing front and are willing to pay for people that are willing to TEACH as well as LEAD a team. You don’t need to be the heir to the throne of your specific product to make money. Share that information and you’re going to see your salary increase, your portfolio, your net worth, and your retirement nest egg when you start investing that extra money you got when you learned the first rule you may have EVER learned, sharing…

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