Where’s Hank Been? Make $400 CASH From Mjedi!

So yes, I’ve been in hiding for a while now, but it hasn’t been without keeping finances in mind! I’m a month away from having the third member of the family join us, our third little lady is due August 25 – so I’ve been working on some side projects – one of which is ready to roll!

Times are tough and the economy isn’t showing any signs of letting go in the near future so you’ve got to be tight with the funds; I can relate, but here’s a hands-down easy way to turn $400 bucks if you manage or KNOW someone that manages a retail store! Mjedi.com has just released their BETA site and are looking to build their name and they’re giving away $400 CASH if you can introduce them to your friendly local retailer, and in this case, size DOESN’T matter!  1 employee or 10,000 pays out the same amount!

What is Mjedi?

This is one of the reasons I’ve been in hiding, I’ve been working with them on their backend and website design!  I think I’ve done alright on it for version 1.0 and they’re ready to start helping people save!

I took on the project primarily because I liked the service it offered. It fits well with what we preach here and it is with people I know and trust. The basic pitch of the site is to keep you informed about the products YOU care about at your favorite local retailers via SMS or email. A lot of sites want you to see everything about everything on sale at their place, this is a new tactic – YOU tell Mjedi what YOU like at the store via an SMS, and they tell you when that item, and ONLY that item goes on sale!

It Benefits Both Sides

As a Retailer

In the past, retailers haven’t had a way to close the loop as to why a person left the store; usually it’s about price, but what items and what price would they want it at? There was no feedback loop.

With Mjedi, as a retailer you’ll see what people are interested in, and be able to adjust costs as you see fit on the items that people are really interested in! If you’re a retailer, you want people in your store; especially in a down economy. You want people buying your things and promoting your brand. Mjedi can help do that.

As a Customer

As a customer you don’t want everything that comes in from a store. You get their mailers, you know what’s out there, but it is likely not the things you want to be on sale. And if it is, it’s not what YOU want the price to be.

Additionally, you don’t have the time to search through the catalogs that get sent out about the stuff you don’t want. If you’re like me, you go into a store and shop around based off the store itself. I like certain stores for the TOTAL package of what they have, and if I’m in the market for something they have, I’ll go there to see if they’ll have it. If it’s too pricey or I see an item I’d rather have, I’ll usually take note of it search online, but Mjedi is set up so that you send one SMS with the UPC code in it and you’re done!

Log on to Mjedi.com from home to manage the UPC posts, update your preferences, and integrate with your Twitter and Facebook accounts of your favorite items that you’ve just picked up for well below Bluebook value!  😉


It really does have the full package and I’m sure the service will sell itself once it gets off the ground! That being said, the site is 100% legit and I can personally guarantee you’ll receive the $400 if you introduce them to a retailer that signs on for the service! I know the CEO and he’s absolutely dedicated to the process and is an honest guy!

I’m not sure how long the offer will last that he’s going to pay out $400, but he is doing it now, so if you know someone, I’d recommend them as soon as you can before the offer closes!

To refer someone either contact me and I’ll pass it on, or email tellmemore@mjedi.com!

In case you’re having some trouble understanding what they offer, here is a bit more simplied version with pictures!


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  • Darren Jeffs

    Awesome idea! I could use the $400, I just sent you some info! P.S. the comment section worked for me!

  • Hi Hank

    Just to prove it (comments) works now, and congratulations on the website – looks great!

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  • If the service is really good, I don’t see how you can’t succeed. You have a big incentive for people to introduce you the right people who need your service.