What Type Of DISC Profile Does The Standard Investor Have?

In regards to one of my most recent posts at the Q2 Magic Quadrant post, I came across an interesting comment from Pinyo at Moolanomy.com. He asked a question in regards to formula of coming up with MQ itself. I had mentioned in the response that it all plays a role in how you perceive yourself in regards to a “DISC” profile.

It makes an interesting post as to where WE all fit in the realm. Do personal finance bloggers find we’re more dominant? Compliant? Steady? Influential? It’s worth taking a look at it to see…

What is a “DISC” profile?

Wikipedia says:

DISC is the four quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 – 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. DISC looks at behavioral styles and behavioral preferences.

Basically it breaks you down after answering about 100 questions into your personality profile that ends up looking like a jagged line when you connect the 4 dots in each of the sections. From that number it puts you in one of the 4 categories below:


I have taken this DISC profile now 3 different times at 3 different jobs, and each time I’ve fallen into the “Influential” category each time. I’m always optimistic, very verbal, overly trusting, etc, and it hits it on the head pretty good with how I view myself.

How would I use this data in my life and finances?

Ideally in everyday life you need to be able to deal with or know how each of these types of people will deal with certain situations and adapting to their view on the subject. DISCProfileBlog lays out a few good examples of how to deal with people in certain situations. I think of a few of these when thinking about personal finance in general. Do you need to help your child decide on a college?

Dominant: Options with supporting analysis
Influence: Testimonials and incentives
Steadiness: Personal service and assurances
Conscientiousness: Data and documentation

How about teaching a family member about getting deals when the go to the store? How would you handle them?

Dominant: What it does / By when / The costs
Influence: How it enhances status/visibility
Steadiness: How it affects them personally
Conscientiousness: How to justify it logically

How do you teach someone about the pros to investing for the long term?

Dominant: Fast/decisive
Influence: Fast/spontaneous
Steadiness: Slow/relaxed
Conscientiousness: Slow/systematic

Is your spouse always overdrawing your checking account or spending too much on a credit card? Maybe deal with them this way:

Dominant: The task/The results
Influence: The relationship/Interaction
Steadiness: The relationship/Communication
Conscientiousness: The task/The process

Where do you fall?

There are several more options and ways to deal with folks in different mindsets, but the meat of this is where do you fall on this chart? You’re likely an investor if you’re reading this blog. Without taking the test, where do you THINK you fall? Have you taken it before? Where did you end up?

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