Weekly Roundup #9 (December 22, 2007)

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Only 1 days 3 hours 2 minutes left until Hanks Holiday Handout drawing!

I’m headed to the remote lands of Montana for Christmas this year, where the snow is white, abundant, and desolating, so I may not be able to find my way back, but if I do, you’ll know I gave each of the following blogs a “thumbs up I like it!” from StumbleUpon for the week ending 12/22/2007:

1. Money, Matter, and More Musings let us know that after you’ve paid yourself, to continue on stealing – no, not “stealing” but a more creative way – take a look.
2. MyTwoDollars shows us how to save a few bucks by making your own Xmas cards for less.
3. LazyMan is thinking about using Zecco for his retirement funds – I like the idea, but be sure to investigate the possible pitfalls the low cost brokerages have…
4. Mary Hart had a do-gooder Xmas story about people paying for the coffee of the folks behind them. What a good “do unto others” piece. I liked it.
5. BeingFrugal delves into the “how much is enough for an Emergency Fund.” Most say 3-6 months, but is that enough? Too much?
6. TimeToBudget caught my eye with the weekly Carnival of Money Stories– I’m still not even half way through reading all the articles, but on my way!
7. Digerati makes the cut again with a post about unusual piggy banks and their perceived assistance in helping save. I like the idea…
8. MrsMicah crafts up a good post on books being worth what they’re worth – is she cheap for not wanting to spend big bucks on a quick read? I don’t think so – good choice. If you read a lot, maybe even something like BookSwim might be up her alley!
9. TwoWiseAcres gives some big tools of the trade for online real estate investors.
10. BirdOnAWire lets us know the one thing you can do today to start saving. Very Billy Crystal-ish. 🙂
11. FinancialDominance pounds home the argument to give the gift of financial education to a graduate instead of the standard money and cars…
12. CreditCardsMoneyandInvesting crafted up a pretty good post to show the pitfalls many make when crafting up their retirement mutual fund portfolios, definitely worth a click.
13. FreeFromBroke posted something I just StumbledUpon today in defining the term Opportunity Cost.
14. MillionaireSecrets lets us in on the 4 levels all millionaires go through on their paths.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and fairly frugal holiday season!

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  • Thanks for the mention and the BlogRoll add! Happy Holidays!