Weekly Roundup #7 (December 8, 2007)

flood.jpgWe had severe flooding in the neighborhood this week, schools were shut down, roads were closed, and a lot of people were out of their homes… It wasn’t a very nice week, but the rain has stopped and things seem to be drying up again. Fortunately for me I live on a hillside so the water didn’t get up to my house, but best of luck to those that DID have flooding, and I hope you had flood insurance!

This week I stumbled on a lot of sites BECAUSE the rain kept me locked up tight in here, a few of the favorites were…

1. FreeFromBroke posting about how they WILL retire, not now, but sometime and has some good tips to anyone looking to retire.
2. Neville reminded us all how good it feels to cross off to-do list entries… Good job!
3. OneMillionAndBeyond shows us what it is like to accept financial responsibility, and where it’ll put you later in life…
4. FinancialHack about something we can all use a little more wisely, time
5. RandomRoger pounds home the diversification point in investing; you can’t ever get enough of this…
6. RussellBailyn warns of the recession on the horizon, or is it?
7. FinancialBlogger keeps getting asked the same question… I might as well jump in too – FB, Can I borrow some $$$? 🙂
8. GLBL didn’t win the Ipod, but came away with a good goal for 2008 that is always a decent 2nd place prize…
9. First time on EverythingFinance, nice blog. They have a very good post on tips to selling your own home by watching how the REALTORS do it.
10. MMMM post about how there is no such thing as bad debt. Really???!?! Some good points to the case…
11. FinancialIndependence lets us know 5 steps to a better credit score. Who doesn’t want that?
12. Moolanomy can do no wrong in his posts! Here he illustrates the 7 steps of debt reduction perfectly.
13. NewRetirement lets everyone know 31 more sites to help you with retirement. Apparently I didn’t get the nod, so don’t read any further. 🙂
14. OfficeStuffer gives us some insight on 17 tax filing resources. I hate taxes personally; hopefully I can put a few of these to use.
15. FiLife has an interesting wish list this year.
16. InterestingMoney investigates a problem that actually happened to me TODAY with my wifes adp.com password – Make sure you spouse knows your financial passwords!
17. OnFinancialSuccess gives us 4 steps to making in out there in the big world of finance!
18. DoughRoller wrote up a post last month about 10 online budget tools that I found interesting last night.
19. FMF jots down the 10 Most Hated money saving tips. #8 is my fave – tough to do, but oh so true.
20. KCLau gives his advice on some big time tips in the personal finance realm that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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