Weekly Roundup #8 (December 8, 2007)

Only 8 days 0 hours 29 minutes left until Hanks Holiday Handout drawing!

Where does the time go in a week? Seems like just yesterday AGLOCO called it quits – Hm, oh yea, I guess it did. Or how about the weather we’d had up here in the Pacific Northwest? But we’ve made it through, and Xmas is coming, spend it wisely… 🙂

The folks that made the list this week:

1. DoughRoller shows us some quick financial calculations you can do in your head.
2. 4EvaYoung lets us in on the best and worst financial decision made in their realm.
3. MoneyBlueBook gives some pretty decent tips on jumpstarting your financial future.
4. PersonaFinanceMGuides lets us know the perils of divorce financially. Worth investigating if you’re considering…
5. TheSkilledInvestor cooked up a nice carnival this week about financial planning.
6. GenXFinance says Santa isn’t coming because of the lack of home equity this year. I hope Santa still finds you!
7. TheDividendGuy lets us know where he’d start investing if he were just starting.
8. LawrenceCheok begs the question, Can money buy happiness?
9. ZenHabits shares the secrets they used to get out of debt… …Frugality is the answer here!
10. CashMoneyLife shares the plans to renovate their 2008 finances!
11. Moolanomy presents Larry Swedroe featured on “Ask the Expert”.
12. ThatedeGuy wants to learn some debt secrets, anyone got any advice?
13. AssetBuilder shows off an alternative to living benefits.

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  • thanks hank for the link. You’ve set yourself an exciting target for 2020, best of luck with it =)

  • Thanks for the link, Hank.

    You have an interesting approach to your blog. Unique.

    I have bookmarked and subscribed!

  • Cool – thanks for the link!

    The Dividend Guy