Weekly Roundup #3 (Nov 10, 2007)

Where did I StumbleUpon this week that lead to some good reads?

Digerati talks about how in emergencies, the credit card is the way to go.
Working Canadian Family can’t decide if blogging is for battling debt, or arguing; Family issues always can play a role in finance.
A Penny Closer examines why it’s better to donate instead of giving to Uncle Sam.
ChristianPF again makes the list in showing how to have a debt free Xmas.
Millionaire Money Next Door writes up a controversial one about renting being better than owning, can it be?
Trader Mike has a good watchlist for the holiday season.
SavingsGuide posts about what makes a millionaire; how DO they do it?
Hi Loans rants about a few tips on “bad credit loans” and why’re they’re for the birds.
My Open Wallet discusses snobby salesmen. I know I’m not rich, but don’t treat me badly just because I don’t have money!
Traders Narrative explains the subprime crisis to those of us that are a bit clueless when it comes to these things.

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  • Thanks for the feature! I’m actually going to be doing more cleaning out today. Even more to donate and write off!

  • hank

    Glad to help Eric – my mom has a lot of stuff she could make a killing on donating everything she’s got in her basement! 🙂