Weekly Roundup #2 (Nov 3, 2007)

I go through each week and run through 20-30 posts on average per week, and craft my posts for the week via these. The top 10-15 of those make up my Weekly Roundup in no specific order. So this week, the honors belong to:

Mrs. Micah: Reflecting on Mondays
PFBlog: Portfolio Update – October 2007 (Up 3.08%)
My Open Wallet: Rule #18: Alone and Together
I Was Broke: Sangl’s Recent Financial Activities
Price Plus: Emergency Fund took a hit
MDM Proofing: Burn Your House Down in 5 Easy Steps [I got a good kick out of this one!]
Bankaholic: Refinancing a second mortgage
2 million: Suspending Home Phone Service to Save Money
PF Blog Articles: Six Steps to Building a Solid Financial Foundation
I Will Teach You to Be Rich: Here’s how I start planning for Christmas in October
Christian PF: The Trick to Saving Money
Moneyning: Change Our Car Buying Behaviors and Save Tons of Money [I’m considering making the move to a 2007 suburban and the itches are getting hotter towards the end of the year!!!]
Easy Budgeting: Effective Use of Credit Cards
PFB.org: 6 Steps to Reducing Debt

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