Weekly Roundup #16 (February 9, 2008)

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Storms hammered the Pacific Northwest again this week and the US government passed the stimulus plan to brighten everyones day – are you getting any $$$ from it? The reads that caught my eye this week were:

1. MightyBargainHunter reflected on SuperBowl ads
2. MoneyNing lets us know how to give away $1500 by getting married.
3. MoneRelations let us know how Warren Buffet fared in Toronto this past week.
4. MoneyVsDebt showed an interesting post about Real Estate Social Networking and how it is paying $$$.
5. BripBlap lets us in on a secret about job hunting; maybe it ISN’T all about the $$$.
6. SavingFreak fired off a coupon roundup that has some good deals in it.
7. UncommonCents filled me in on the Joys of Index funds; yes, there ARE joys!
8. CashMoneyLife cooked up a post about Prosper; I’m still not on board, and this isn’t helping me to GET on board.
9. SmallSavings posted up on the Feds and how they allocated and and layed out the plan for the year.
10. WoMoPo gave a beginners guide to getting started in the stock market.

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  • Hey, thanks for the roundup link. I appreciate it!

    BTW, your theme is awesome!

  • Thanks for the mention.

    To be honest, it took me several months to get on board with P2P lending. In the end, I used their free sign up money to place my first loans. Once I realized how it works, I decided to run with it for awhile.

    The loans aren’t guaranteed, but the risk reward ratio can be good if you do it right. I also only invest a minuscule portion of my overall portfolio – basically if I lost it all, it wouldn’t hurt me financially.

    But I do think the idea is intriguing.

  • Thanks for the shout out! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure out I’ve been linked to.