Weekly Roundup #14 (January 26, 2008)

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This week wasn’t so great – the stock market was down, so investments were down, and on top of it someone broke into my car and stole my stereo, DVD/TV setup all while tearing up the inside of my car. Ugh, that’ll hit the ol’ expense book and will hinder the 4k I hoped to dump in my ROTH this year. Might be tough, but I’ll see if I can manage… Anyway, this week I found a few new blogs that I enjoyed and am cluttering up my RSS feed with too much to read in a day, but here were the highlights:1. ASlackersQuest showed me when to invest, which is coincidentally when the market is headed down – not bad advice if you keep your same pay through it. The market always comes back.

2. I really like PoorerThanYou’s design for the blog. This week they talked about Stephanies Quick Start financial guide. A good one stop shop for for money management.

3. GrowingMoney wrapped up their goals for the 2008 season, a little behind the rest of the realm, but better late than never!

4. I’m starting something new this week in writing about blog improvement, so I feel that this article from FinancialHack is worth some electronic ink showing that JohnChow.com type advertising might be more detrimental than good.

5. SkilledInvestor investigates if it matters how financial advisors are paid. As you know in my opinion, they SHOULDN’T at all; but I’m open to suggestions and this makes some good points.

6. StockTradingToGo shows us 15 stocks that are holding steady. I’m not a big stock guy, but that is good to see something holding up; you can’t deny that good info.

7. Prosper has new portfolio plans and DoughRoller digs in to dissolve the myths.

8. MoneyMyths decides whether debit cards are as safe as credit cards. I don’t see much difference, do you?

9. Aaron over at OnFinancialSuccess reviewed A Fable of Free Trade and Protectionism – not read yet, but may be in the market after this review.

10. MoneyMatters posted something back in August that I just stumbled upon today – I love chess, so I had to put it in, and sure enough it DOES make some good sense.

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  • Hank, you’d definitely enjoy reading The Choice: A fable… I think anyone who has (1) an open mind, and (2) a desire understand current events would enjoy this book. Also, it is not a long book, so it’s easy to fit into a busy life.

    I’ve been amused by some of the traffic google has sent my way. The book is sometimes used in classrooms, so I’ve had a small trickle of search traffic to that review. Many of the search phrases are obviously made by people working on a book report or who are hoping to avoid reading the book.

  • Hank,

    Thanks for the mention on your post. I know I am late in posting my goals but like you said, it’s better late than never. I wish I could more frequently document on my financial progress, but there are so many things going on, it’s hard to constantly type up new status.

    Also, I think your goal of a net worth of $1M by 2020 is very conservative. I presume you are giving yourself some leeway because of the kids.

    Nice blog. I like the widgets and the presentation. Keep up the good work.

  • @Smarty – spot on with the estimation of 1MIL by 2020. It’s a first goal, I’m sure it will change when I start rolling better. But I figure I’ll start at the start. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Thanks for the plug!