Weekly Roundup #13 (January 19, 2008)

Photo by: matanguero
This week I found myself fighting back the elusive CPU quota exceeded errors I was getting from Bluehost.com because I was getting a lot of hits from the Magic Quadrant of Personal Finance and “Why is it taboo to talk salary?” posts I tossed out this week. I like it because of the publicity, but I absolutely hate it because I can’t get the info to the folks that are counting on reliability. Ugh, but Jon is working diligently on it – and he’s got some tasty tidbits cooking up (click the image to expand):
one possible new view of MyInvestingBlog.com.  What do you think?

But when we get down to the nitty gritty, here is what I found interesting this week:

1. EarlyRetirementExtreme brought back a flashback from the past with the Robinson Crusoe post showing that “even in the case of one person, economic principles still work.”

2. FrugalLawStudent reminded me why I didn’t like the Fresh Prince, nor his cousin Carlton, but proved that Carlton had some financial idiosyncracies that DID work.

3. FiveCentNickel show us what to do if you’ve already past the point of no return in retirement; there IS still hope.

4. AboutYourMoney takes a new approach to money and references how it works Simpsons style.

5. WatsonInc lets us know about different mindsets to use during the possible recession or the looming sub-prime mortgage debacle; an intereting way to look at things.

6. KCLau sends up his top 10 personal finance book reviews. I have to get reading if I want to keep up though!

7. Moving to another town? Check out TheDigeratiLifes post on the TRUE cost involved in moving

8. PFBlog let me know the unfamiliar names among the worlds 5 richest. HELLO India.

9. A-Train finance compares the stock market to a night club. Yes, you read it right, and there ARE some similarities!

10. MillionaireNeumes shares some secrets on becoming a millionaire with just a bit of simple math.

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