Weekly Roundup #10 (December 31, 2007)

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It’s finally the end of 2007, where did it go? How did your finances do this year?1. AllFinancialMatters let us know how to rebalance a portfolio come end of year. I don’t have those assets there, but the idea of rebalancing index at end of year makes perfect “cents”.
2. MoneySmartLife shows us how easy it is to work REALLY hard, but accomplish nothing. I hate it when I do that, but I think we’ve all fallen for it a time or 2.
3. ChrisPerruna shows how the US dollar and oil prices run hand in hand. It makes sense, I vote for alternative fuel!
4. Flexo is looking to push fluorescent bulbs. It’s save money over the year indeed. Pricey now, but long run deal.
5. DoughRoller references StarTrek in attempts to find financial success – good angle. 🙂
6. RocketFinance gives eight tips for better productivity in the new year; everyone needs a financial goal and this is a good way to start.
7. WiseBread shoots off some good party ideas for us frugal-minded folks.
8. GenXFinance shows that the feds are flexing the muscle when it comes to shady mortgages and their practices. I’m on board for it; someone needs to step in on the housing slump.
9. Lawrence chimes in with a surefire way to save money – who DOESN’T want to know that?
10. BetterCredit gives a few tips on the best ways to pay off debt.
11. TheSimpleDollar hammers home the 80/20 principle of investing, and how it is used.
12. FreeFromBroke shows off the 401k allocations – I chimed in a bit on it, and mentioned he’s on the right path!
13. OnFinancialSuccess defines what it really means, what IS financial success? How do you define it? This is a good start.

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