Use Your “Gut” Instinct When Deciding Who And When To Tip

Yes, I’m pretty tight with my money; I’ve done some downright cheap things in my past and I’ve turned out alright. But there is one thing I don’t scrimp on – tipping my food handlers. Let me clarify, tipping my DELIVERY food handlers. They know things and I know OF things they’ve done to poor tippers…

It is wrong, I agree 115% that we have been pushed into the mindset that we need to “tip or else”. I’ve been in the “tip-ee” realm working for tips. They’re nice to have, but I’ve never been the kind to turn or do something unscrupulous because I’ve been tipped poorly. However, I have to admit I’ve heard of some horrendously dirty tricks played for poor tipping also from good sources, so I keep away from those places.

Honestly, I can see scrimping on the local dive diner that served you mediocre food with worse service; I’ve had plenty of those experiences in my day. I somehow manage to find many of the worst restaurants in new areas I guess. Must be a bit of a hidden talent maybe. 🙂

Also, I think I am a good tipper. I usually fall between 10% and 20% if the service is good. I’ve even go up to 25-30% when I’ve had a few drinks. However, I’m a stickler for my drink glass being filled at all times; keep that soda filled to the brim with whatever my beverage is and you’ll be on my good side of the tip. It’s not rocket science, just courtesy. I know you’re expecting a tip, but don’t expect that I have to follow the standard 15% either; Go above and beyond for more.

So the diner is one thing, but in this day and age you can have not only pizza delivered, but darn near ANYTHING else your heart desires from the house, but I warn you to be wary of using the service more than once if you’re not a good tipper. I’m a big fan of pizza delivery, and I usually go with the same outfit time and time again. The pizza is a little more expensive, but JetCity is some of the best pizza around the Seattle area. But back to the matter at hand…

So I say that tipping poorly in a diner is sometimes expected, no harm done, they don’t know how to find you. If you pay with credit card they could charge you a little more on the tab, I’ve seen that done, but that is easy enough to dispute if you hold on to receipts. The trouble lies when you give someone your home address and you’re a cheap tipper. You’ve just given them the keys to the castle.

I’ve never been in food delivery, but I’ve known plenty of people that have been. I’ve heard plenty of stories of guys that will take revenge on a poor tipper by either doing something to the house or doing something worse to your food the next time around. It’s sad but true; but I can see the reasoning behind it. It’s not like these guys are making top dollar driving to your house to give you your food. They’re good guys, but they’ve come to expect a little something for swinging by and there’s nothing wrong with that I don’t think when you think of the consequences of NOT tipping them.

Possibly another way to look at it is thinking of the home repair costs you’re saving on by them not egging your house. Or maybe think about the doctors bills you won’t have to pay from eating something you weren’t ever supposed to digest. I’m not saying I condone it. I think it is crappy service on the part of the delivery folks, but I’ve heard of the stories. And I would rather not take the chance if I can help it. 🙂

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  • Ewww, Hank, this is just gross.

    I tip well because I feel bad for people who work hard and make little. But now, after reading this, I don’t know that I feel bad for them anymore… just disgusted.

    Back in my teens I worked as a waitress. Some people were great tippers, others not so great. It never, ever, even crossed my mind to do something like that.

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  • @Vered – I’m on your side! 🙂 I’m just keeping you aware of the things I’ve heard. It’s not ALL places either. If you know the restaurant or service and the staff, you’re probably ok; and there are thousands of diners out there like that. But also keep in mind that there are dozens on the flip side of that coin that don’t run an upstanding business practice.

    You can usually tell the restaurants that work hard and have good employees that deserve tips, and there are plenty of them. This article is more of a one off situation, but STILL a situation nonetheless.

    Like I said in the article, I AM a good tipper either way, granted one is a bit out of fear, but I don’t have to tip ABOVE and BEYOND, just make sure that I DO tip; it’s nothing out of the way from my norm, but I’m sure there are some people out there that DON’T tip, and this may be helpful to them…

  • I deliver pizzas on the weekends, and the worst I’ll do is deliver the non-tippers’ pizzas last when I have multiple runs. Good tippers ***ALWAYS*** get their pizzas delivered first, no matter who is doing the driving.

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  • I prefer when I tip after the service and I know how to evaluate the value.

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