Ugh – emergency root canal sticks the ol’ pocketbook and net income number in the red…

Sorry I’ve been out this week, I had to go in for an emergency root canal this morning.  Monday afternoon I noticed a “twinge” in my jaw, and suffered through Tuesday with 20 ibuprofen and a vicodin.  I didn’t sleep last night, and this morning, went in to the dentist and he said I had an abscessed tooth and that it was getting “quite large”.  So normally I wouldn’t mind this too much, but in June I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I’ve NEVER had any dental emergencies, so I spent my entire allocated $ from insurance on the wisdom teeth!

I tried to tough it out, but the dentist said even if you did tough it out, your head and jaw would start to swell and absolutely needed the root canal immediately to relieve the pressure; and it most certainly did relieve the pressure in my jaw, but more importantly took a good chunk out of the checking account – $1300.00 to be precise, and on top of that I have to go back for a crown next month that will cost $800-1000.  All out of pocket…  This won’t be fun, ugh.

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