Things You’re Saving Money On By Being Stuck In An Elevator For 41 Hours

I StumbledUpon onto this and had to share it with SOMEONE; therefore needed to relate it to personal finance in some way to get some validity out of the post. It’s a break from my normal personal finance path to inject a little humor into this post to jazz it up a bit. Hope you get a chuckle out of it too… 😉

So I will start out with the video, and then we can discuss all that he saved by being in there for nearly 2 days straight:


So let’s say he got there in the morning; so he saved $ on gas not needing to drive to, from, and then back to work again the next day. We’ll say he lives 20 miles away for the sake of argument and drives a car that, coincidentally gets 20 miles per gallon. He saved 3 gallons of gas, putting about $11.43 ($3.81 for gas here today, I know ridiculous, eh?) back in his pocket!
Gasoline savings: $11.43


No need to flush any toilets at home! for 40 hours. I usually hit the loo about 2 or 3 times a day. I’m not privvy to the $ saved by not flushing but my water bill is like 30$ per month. Furthermore, no need to shower for those 2 days, let’s peg another $1.26 on for those long showers and $0.05 for that splat of toothpaste you won’t be needing! 🙂
Bathroom savings: $3.31


Lighting at home? Nope, not needed. $1.39 in saved the non-use of lighting, although he DID have those new bulbs that last for years longer. 🙂 He was going to watch some tv that night also which pegged the wattage to the tune of about $0.82.
Lighting electricity savings: $2.22


Didn’t need to wash those clothes for the next day! Saved on that scoop of laundry detergent ($0.11) and tack on another few cents for saving water by not running the clothes washer ($0.61) and no need to use electricity for the dryer ($0.18).
Total laundering savings: $0.90


How much do you spend on lunch per day? Are you one of those types that eats out a lot? I remember when I got my first full-time job I ate out every day. I didn’t have to worry about anyone else so I ate a lot of fast food.

In 40 hours starting at 8am, I’d have to get a cup of coffee from Starbucks ($3.25), then eat lunch at Applebees ($12.95+$4.00 for generous tip), dinner would be quick from McD’s off the dollar menu ($4.32 with tax), back around to another Starbucks coffee ($3.25) and a ham croissan-wich ($2.95), and finish up the 40 hours with another lunch from Taco Bell ($6.48 with tax).
Total food savings: $37.20


Petey the parakeet was home all alone for those 40 hours, and conveniently they don’t need a lot of new food or water to be added to his dishes, but for the sake of argument again, let’s tack on that $0.07 of bits.
Total pet savings: $0.07

All in all I have to commend the guy. I would have been hammering at those ceiling tiles I’m pretty sure after about 4 hours. He kept his composure pretty well and even looked to play a game of solitaire in there it appeared with makeshift card! all the while savings a total of $55.13 for being trapped in an elevator for 41 hours…


Rumor has it (Thanks disembedded)that he made a few more dollars off the ordeal than that. He apparently went to court to sue for 25 MILLION dollars and made out with a little over 100k. That being said, someone please trap me in an elevator for 40 hours for 100k.

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