The Winners Of Hanks Holiday Handout #2 Are…

The contest has officially come to a close with a grand total of 1332 entries in Hanks Holiday Handouts #2, I’d have to say it was a smashing success and I will be crafting up a 3rd handout soon after I wrap up a few details…

A few stats on the contest

  • The post had nearly 3,000 page views
  • It rode 24 thumb ups from folks via StumbleUpon
  • It garnered a 15% increase in new RSS EMAIL subscribers, thanks for that! I hope you enjoy the content I dish out!
  • I entered only 8% of my current RSS standard pool into the drawing as they contacted me letting me know; I thought this number would be higher but apparently the current folks just don’t like my contact form? 😉
  • It was the 2nd most visited page on my site over the past 2 weeks (beat out by “How Do I Publicize my Blog…“).

I’d like to thank H&R Block for providing the TaxCut Software!

I’d also like to say that the EntreCard credits are worth a little more since the recent news from them changing their pricing structure; it should still be worth a handful of relevant ads though.

The Winners

The 3 TaxCut Software winners are:

PT from PTMoney (Comment on Post, RSS Feed, Trackback, SU Thumb, and BlogRoll addition)
Nancy from SunnyIslandBreezes (Comment on Post)
Saph from WalkWithMe (Comment on Post and EMAIL RSS)

The winner of 500 Entrecard credits is:

Pinyo from (Trackback)

The winner of the $100 gift card is:

Ashraf (Comment on Post, Standard RSS Feed)

I have sent an email to all the winners via the email addresses you’ve provided. If you didn’t get an email, and you won, apparently I typed it in wrong or you gave the wrong email address! If the latter, leave a response on this post!

Thanks to everyone for participating, and like I said before, I’ll likely be having another contest very soon! Keep an eye out for it and thanks for reading!

Photo by: notsogoodphotography

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