The Stats and Winners of Hanks Holiday Handout #3!

I’d have to say that this contest was leaps and bounds better than the last 2 I’ve run here at the MiB!  Maybe it had to do with the $300 of cold-hard-giftcard-cash we were handing out, but who knows.  🙂 

The Stats

First I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to answer the question and put their names in the contest.  It looks like most people (52% of the votes) would pay down debt first – probably not a bad idea!

We had a total of 12,310 entries into the drawing which was MUCH more than I had anticipated when starting it up.  We had over 1500 pageviews, almost 200 comments, 100 “favoritizations”, 150 referrals, and people spent 4 minutes reading through on average.

We also broke records in RSS subscriptions! We added almost 350 people to the MiB RSS feed and 45 to the MoneyLifeNetwork feed in the past 3 weeks! I hope you all stay onboard and see what else we cook up in the future here! You won’t be disappointed as we’ve got some handy dandies cooked up in the coming weeks!

There are a lot of comments that I hoped helped other people out in realizing the best way to utilize a financial bump like this!  Obviously paying off the debt is first on my list of things to do!

The Next Contest

Keep an eye out for the next contest here as well! This one was a smashing success which means that we’ll most certainly be having one in the very near future – which is reason enough to stay subscribed, eh? 🙂

On To The Winners

Now this is assuming you all gave me valid email addresses, so if you’re reading this, don’t give up hope yet, if these users don’t get back to me within 3 days of their acceptance, they’re back on the market!

That being said… drumroll please…
The 3rd place $50 giftcard winner is: Jophillips (Digg submission, RSS Feed).

The 2nd place $100 giftcard winner is:  GLBLGuy (comment, StumbleUpon, gift_card__general_recipien.gifSubscribed RSS feed, Refer a friend > Lynnae from, Added your site to my BlogRoll, article write-up)

The grand prize winner of the $150 giftcard is: NH Mom of 3! (comment, blogroll addition, RSS Feed, post about contest, Added MoneyLifeNetwork to RSS)

A big shoutout to MarketLeverage for providing the prizes and thank you all very much for participating in Hank’s Holiday Handout #3 – and keep an ear to the ground for the next contest very soon!

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