The Money Life Network Expands!

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the newest members of The Money Life Network! Emily from and Kacie from have taken positions on the board! They’ve both got very good writing and give The Money Life Network a female perspective that wasn’t there in the past. With their subscriptions we’re nearing 2000 RSS subscribers for the MLN feed and delivering the best Personal Finance info right to our readers from all 7 of our unique perspectives!

Sense To Save

On Kacie’s “About Me” page she states:
“I write about how to live a frugal lifestyle. I’ve always been somewhat of a tightwad, but I’ve found that thanks to a few key books (The Complete Tightwad Gazette) and the frugal blogosphere, I’ve found an incredible amount of resources and support. My second blog, affectionately called “Other Blog,” is about everything else. I haven’t written much on it yet, but it will probably be about my personal life and other things that don’t fit on my main blog.

I have a writing background, and most of my experience is in journalism. These days, I’m a homemaker and freelance writer. So far, it’s been a lot of fun!

A few articles I found VERY worth reading from Kacie @

Remodeling This Life

Emily states on her About page that she is a “29 year old stay at home mom to 2 great kids, my 3 year old princess little girl Drew and 1 year old son, Eli. I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a runner, a remodeler, a decorator among many other things.

2 years ago, my husband and I and our then 1 year old daughter sold our house 1500 miles away and moved to Florida where we decided to change our life and our ways. We bought a 60s “cottage” and have spent the last 2 years on our labor of love, remodeling it into a cozy little home that we love, on a dime. Along the way, we’ve had lots of ups and a few downs.

I’m a growing, changing, learning woman. Our huge life change 2 years ago has taught me so many things, but most of all that a simple, small, frugal life is a fabulous life. I have learned what I really need in life vs. what I simply want in life and through that, my needs have become pretty much my only wants. I have learned to live in the moment, enjoy the mundane and find beauty in the little things.”

A few articles I found VERY worth reading from Emily @


You’re going to be seeing a lot of these young ladies on The Money Life Network in the future and you should get in while the getting is good! They’re absolutely fabulous additions to the team and will bring a good presence to the already dynamic Money Life Network! Welcome to the team Kacie and Emily!

Speaking of MLN, there is still time to get into the Summer Savings Series $100 giveaway going on! It’s easy to get in and free to play! Why not? 🙂

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