The best of the give-away blogs today –

So 2 of the blogs I subscribe to are offering free products to post on their sites. A win-win situation! And what better way to cure an itch for video games than to win one?

Win a Nintendo Wii from Get Rich Slowly
Interested in a Nintendo Wii?
Get Rich Slowly is hooking up 1 lucky winner with a new system this week! He was also giving away prints from Andrea Gingerich a nature photographer, which actually are very beautiful prints! But it appears as this one already happened. Generally speaking, free stuff is one of the best ways to svae for the future. Instant return on your money! 🙂

Consumerism Commentary is giving away a free Sumo chair here.

Both encourage, as per any blog to give constructive criticisms on their posts. How did you make your $? How did you get out of debt? Do you use credit cards? Basically following up with the standard realm of our posts – Personal Finance blogs – So buzz over and check them out and win big!

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  • Hey thanks for stopping by, and for your comment 🙂 It’s nice to see someone else taking care of their parents too, since our government doesn’t seem to be helping all that much 🙂

    Good luck!