The Airline That Won’t Be Getting Any More Of My Money

I am away on business this week in New York. The flight over was delayed 4 times, putting me in at around 3am to wake up for a conference at 7:30am. I haven’t been so impressed. But that is just the beginning…

I am currently typing this post from my blackberry, which actually is pretty slick how WordPress operates on it. But the kicker is that I decided to write a bit about it because of a few more reasons.

This flight was slated to take off at 7pm EST. I showed up at 4pm to make sure I wouldn’t be late, so nice of me, eh?

Welp, that got eaten up pretty fast going through the line that began to wrap all around the airport.

By 6pm I got through security and made my way to the Continental Airlines gate on the West side of the airport to hear I needed to go to THE COMPLETE EAST END of the airport as the gate changed.
I hustled over to the gate to find it was delayed for an hour, then 2, then 3.

I am currently now taxi’ing ( for the past 120 mins and I think we are about to take off… We’re number 20 in line on the runway, which oughta put me into Seattle sometime around 4am.

Anyone else had these probs with these guys? Anyone had better experiences?

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  • Wow. My husband travels a lot on business. He says that they are all the same. He avoids connecting flight like the plague b/c he missed so many of them b/c of delays and gate changes.

    Ah, the glamor of air travel.

    Vered’s last blog post..It’s Never Too Early For Sugary Drinks (Wordless Wednesday)

  • Wow, sounds like you had a long day.. yikes. Things like that make me glad I only rarely travel for work.

    pete’s last blog post..Book Review and Contest: Does Your Bag Have Holes?

  • Hank,

    Ouch! That has got to suck! I’m sure the rise in prices hasn’t exactly made anything better. Higher prices suckier service? eeeesh.

    Tony Tovar’s last blog post..Your Tax Rate Will Rise! Your Savings Should Too!

  • I’ve never flown with them, but I’ve had bad experiences with most every airline (except a Scandinavian one). Every major American one (except apparently Continental). I think they’re like cell phone providers. I’ve been with the two biggest so far (Verizon & Cingular/ATT) and neither’s any better.

  • Any chance you were flying out of BWI? Same thing happened to me on Monday, I arrived 2 hours early and it took nearly an hour and half to go through security. I can’t complain about the airline, AirTran though, they have been great to me. On time always and fairly priced compared to the bigger ones.

    Mark @ TheLocoMono’s last blog post..My Emergency Plan A

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