Sometimes Money DOES Grow On Trees Part II

So in cooking up my $300 giveaway (still have till Aug 6 to enter) this month, I stumbled across another handful of places that are giving away similar prizes and money that I thought my readers would find interesting (especially you new ones that have just signed up because of the contest). 

I mentioned a handful last month in Sometimes Money Does Grow on Trees Part I, but they’ve all since expired, so here’s the new batch o’ free goodies from the following sites:


1st Place: Dell 22? Widescreen Monitor with Built-In Webcam
2nd Place: Sony PSP + Secret Agent Clank
3rd Place: Mino Flip Video Camera
4th Place: iPod Nano
5th – 6th Place: $100 Prepaid Rewards Card


1st prize: winner will get a Nintendo Wii.
2nd prize: winner will get a Flip Mino


1st prize: Nintendo Wii


1st prize: ONE Flip Mino ($179 value)
2nd prize: TEN 2GB USB Pens
3rd prize: FOUR $25 Giftcards

Enkay Blog

1st prize:Asus EEE PC
2nd prize: $50 AMEX Rewards
3rd prize: three 2GB USB Pens



First prize: Flip Mino and a 2GB USB Pen
2nd prize: $50 MarketLeverage Rewards Card
3rd prize: 2GB USB pen


  1. 8GB iPod Touch ($299 value)
  2. $50 Market Leverage Credit Gift Card
  3. $25 iTunes Gift Card


1st Place – Flip Mino Video Camera
2nd place – $100 ML Reward
3rd place – $50 ML Reward

Baby Tea Leaves

1st prize: Wii Fit console
2nd prize: 100$ AMEX gift card

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