Reverse Engineering The Entrecard System

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Are you an “entrecard-preneur”? Entrecard has a pretty extensive list of possible Finance and Investing sites to advertise on. Some cost a lot, some cost a little, but the point is to get people interested in personal finance, nonetheless.

Ideally, you want to advertise on high traffic personal finance blogs to get your name out there and people over to YOUR site. Well, I’ve run a little “reverse engineering” test over the past 2 weeks that have proven to give some pretty interesting statistics…

First of all…

I’ve been through step 16 on my personal finance blog’s lifeline and so I’ve been looking for ways to promote my new passive income (this blog). Blogging has been a good supplement so far and EntreCard has been a good experiment thus far in the past 3 weeks.

The plan

It is going to take a while to cook up to the top of the list with SenseToSave and MoneyKings so I figured I’d try a different approach. Every one in the Entrecard realm is a potential reader of the same things I write about. How can I get them to come to my site?

When you request to advertise your Entrecard on someone elses blog, they get an email saying they’ve got a person interested in advertising on their site via the Entrecard dashboard. Nobody wants to advertise on a blog that only gets 10 hits a day, so at the bottom of the list are a bunch of blogs that are open to advertise on, but there are no interest because of their traffic ranks.

The test

I dropped enough cards around the network to hit up every personal finance blog that cost under 15 Entrecard credits (ec) and request advertising with them. At the time there were 73 sites; so I needed about 1100 credits to do so. You can only drop 300 per day. I had to find the 300 sites worth dropping on first, but after 6 days I’d have enough I figured.

After those 6 days I had my stash of credits and started the experiment. Like I said, I didn’t expect to get traffic from their sites, I expected to get traffic from them. When you request advertising your site is sent to them; as a precaution you need to check out the content of the site requesting it. The goal here is to get them to sign up to YOUR feed.

The results

I kept an eye on my subscriber count and page views from EntreCard and immediately saw a pattern. The first day after I requested advertising I saw a 7% jump in my subscriber count and saw close to 200 people come over from Entrecard. The second day was lower, but still 5% increase in subscriber count and 80 people from Entrecard.

I could go day by day, but as Feedburner is, the subscriber count bounces day to day dozens of subscribers back and forth. But over the 2 week experiment I can honestly say that my subscriber count has increased 15% with it, and I still get close to a hundred people per day from Entrecard, whether or not they’re just powerdropping or not still shows positive direction on the RSS subscriptions.


Entrecard is certainly a viable way to get your name out on the personal finance map. So don’t look past the Entrecard members in your niche that are only costing 2 or 3 Entrecard credits to advertise. They may not drive traffic to your site, but “they” themselves might find it not only flattering that you’re interested in them, but might hook them in to be a subscriber to your own financial musings, contributing to your passive income…

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  • Very interesting Hank. While seeing big subscriber counts is exciting, the reality is many people subscribe to blogs, but rarely follow along. So I’m always torn between trying to get the number up and finding new readers.

    Your Entrecard experience was very interesting. I think a lot of people are going to follow in your footsteps on this.

    Aaron Stroud’s last blog post..β€œI need it” thinking

  • Yea, but the best you can hope for is that people stick around; I don’t think there is a magic formula (aside from content) to getting folks, I think the best way is to try a LOT of different avenues…

  • I’ve also seen some good results. And I’ve found other good blogs that way. πŸ™‚

  • That is actually a pretty good idea. I knew that they would probably really be the only ones clicking on a entrecard link, but I never really thought of them subscribing. I’ll be sure to try this out now.

    thewild1’s last blog post..TWI March

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