One Heck Of A Free Giveaway Over @ 20sMoney!

Kevin over at is cooking up a little contest giving away $250 to one lucky reader.  Couldn’t hurt to head over and toss your name in the hat!

There are a handful of ways to get in:
1. RSS Subscribe To 20s Money – 3 Entries
2. Stumble This Page – 2 Entries
3. Write A Blog Post About This Contest – 5 Entries
4. Leave A Comment Telling Me About What Content You’d Like To See On This Blog – 1 Entry
5. Goto And Signup For the Email List – 3 Entries
6. Get a Bonus 4 Entries For Completing All of the Above – 4 Entries

I’ve actually 20smoney is big!been a big fan of Kevin’s writing for a while now.  His site cooked up in April 2008 and has been growing very fast in the past 5 months and is pulling in almost $500 extra dollars per month now! Ask I write this, he’s got himself 624 loyal readers to the site, and always looking to add more!

He’s got a very keen eye on the stock world to which he illuminates his readers with in his post and is very good at getting back to users that do comment on the site. His site is very clean and easy to navigate and provides a wealth of knowledge.

My favorite 5 articles are:

I’m In A Good Position Financially, What Can I Do To Take My Personal Finances To The Next Level?
The 20s Money Retirement Plan
Where To Put A Little Girl’s Money
Will Energy Rebound? If It Does, I’ll Make A Lot Of Money
20 Must Reads For 20-Somethings

Kevin’s bio says that the site is in existence for the following:

* Most people in their 20s are not sufficiently preparing for their financial future. Unfortunately for most 20-somethings, the math simply does not add up to a financial future where they will be able to attain certain financial goals whether it be a desired lifestyle, sense of security or retirement

* Most of the financial advice and information geared towards 20-somethings comes in either one of two flavors: “start early” or “time is on your side”. We find it hard to believe that the advice to simply “start early” equates to a comprehensive solution to your financial future. We want to give you practical steps to help you build a bright future.

* Most financial “experts” on TV and on the internet can’t tell you what direction a stock or the overall market is going better than any average investor. It’s time to stop investing based on CNBC.

* There are a number of financial challenges that people in their 20s will face that people closer to retirement age will not face. How do we factor into our financial strategy necessary actions that will address these unique obstacles?

* We want to encourage young people to take control of their financial future. Social security will be long gone by the time you hit your retirement years, and don’t even consider the idea of a pension. You should look to nobody but yourself to provide for yourself later in life.

So head on over to 20smoney to get your name in the hat to take home $250!

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  • Hey thanks for commenting on my blog, and I hope you win the $250! I considered getting in on this contest as well but I felt that promoting it in my own blog would be too off-topic.

    20s Money is a great blog, I’ve been a loyal reader for almost a month now. It’s fascinating how far it has come, having only started in April!

    Sean’s last blog post..Globalization Pulse-Check: August 2008

  • I just came across your blog, and loving the style. I gotta read the archives now:) The previous post, house for sale, was really interesting.


    Orange’s last blog post..Millionaire Matchmaking

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  • yeah I check out the contest I miss out. How sad maybe I will win your contest instead 🙂