Net Worth Update May 9, 2008 [$120,697.64 (+3.55%)]

We’re looking up again this month – looks like the mutual funds are coming back a little bit this month. Both the wife and I had good 401k returns this month. The house dropped a bit, but that’s to be expected, but overall we’re looking up again.

I’m still keeping my eye on a few “green funds” because I’d like to be able to dip in at some point. I’m waiting for the right one to come around though that piques my interest. Haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary yet. Right now I’m looking at:

Green Century Balanced GCBLX 17.19 0.00 (0.00%)
Green Century Equity GCEQX 20.63 +0.01 (0.05%)
Calvert Large Cap Growth A CLGAX 32.39 +0.19 (0.59%)
Spectra Green N SPEGX 6.91 +0.01 (0.14%)
Guinness Atkinson Alternative… GAAEX 14.59 +0.18 (1.23%)
Winslow Green Growth WGGFX 18.53 +0.40 (2.16%)

Like I’ve said before, none have really caught my eye yet, let me know if you have any you’d be willing to share in the space that make sense right now. I think they’re all a little pricey now without great return.


The Emergency fund has bumped up to $3,704.00 which is nice to have as a cushion and it is sitting in the Washington Mutual 3.30% high interest savings account. Yea, 3.30% isn’t spectacular, but it’s better than chasing the rate around.

You may ask why I’ve got some much in the standard savings right now and that is just because it hasn’t been transferred to my WAMU account. I’m also thinking of dumping the rest in to my ROTH IRA before we hit the ROTH phase out range. To offset this the wife and I have both bumped our 401k contributions up to 15% to offset that ability.

Slowly but surely we’re inching our way up the chain. Nothing major, but we’re up 4,000+ since last month and up 3.55% from the month prior so thing are certainly going well.

Click the Excel spreadsheet to enlarge.

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  • Great progress, Hank.

    “Yea, 3.30% isn’t spectacular, but it’s better than chasing the rate around.” – I agree. I’ve been trying not to worry too much about the low interest rates.

    Vered – MomGrind’s last blog post..My Name Is Vered, And I’m a Mommyblogger Wannabe

  • I really don’t track our net worth from month to month anymore, but I do keep track of our debt repayment. For me, watching those balances drop is more meaningful than watching our net worth rise. I think it’s more meaningful because our debt has a more powerful impact on our current options than our net worth does.

    Aaron Stroud’s last blog post..Our lives are a work in progress

  • @Vered – Yea, it’s a pain to see the interest rates low after seeing how they were over the last 5 years, but that’s how money works sometimes. 🙂

    @Aaron – I’m thinking of getting away from it also – it’s not one of the main hitters on my site either – might be worth a poll in the next edition in June to see if anyone is interested in keeping it going.

    I agree that debt has a more powerful impact currently, but it is also nice to see out long term and see where you are headed as well. It’s good to track both. I know you’re big on attacking the mortgage right now and that’s also important. Both carry their weight, just more with some than others.

    Thanks both for stopping by!

  • growth is growth regardless.. nice job

    thewild1’s last blog post..Monopolies aren’t always good

  • Hi Hank –

    Love your blog! I like the spreadsheet you use to track your networth. I have started tracking mine in Quicken, but have not been consistent in keeping it updated. Need to work on that.

    Be well!

    Alisa’s last blog post..And June’s Give Away Is…

  • Good job on the net worth thing. I like to ponder net worth with real estate. I’ve taught some classes on net worth vs. cash flow investors. You might want to check out my article (blog) on that topic at the following:

    Brian Patton, CCIM’s last blog post..Featured Properties