Net Worth Update June 6, 2008 [$113,261.38(-3.08%)]

June wasn’t as bad as the numbers make it out to be. Yes, I lost about 3k on the net worth, but I bumped up my 401k contribution to 15% this past month along with my wifes. The 3k loss can most likely be contributed to the landscaping addition I tacked on that sucked 3.5k out of my liquid assets.

(Click the spreadsheet to enlarge)


We have had really good return on our 401k additions since inception; 220% for my wife and 22% for me. That’s due mostly to the small amount my wife started with. She’ll get moving on it a bit more and that number will drop in the coming months/years. But we’ve both still seen consistent growth in the funds we’ve got in there.

The house isn’t doing any different and has been pretty stagnant over the past few months, which is to be expected in such a short timeframe.

I’m really happy with the $ I’ve been able to put in my ROTH this year. I’ve already hit $2500 which is more than halfway to what I can put in for the year, and so I’ll certainly hit that one, but I’d like to see about getting the wife in the ROTH mix here shortly as well. It’s a pretty strange reality that if you just keep putting it off, you’ll slowly just forget to do it and it falls off the map. I’ve really got to get on that one.

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