Net worth update December 1, 2007 (+5.16%)

Sorry this is a few days late – my Life Insurance statement hadn’t come in the mail yet; yes, the mail.  This is another reason I’m going to dump it.  I like to have everything online at my fingertips and I can’t see this account online yet.

So tt wasn’t too bad of a month across the board. I’ve got to be honest though, I had a “fat finger” typo in my house value excel spreadsheet that I overlooked, in the past 2 net worth update that I’ve resolved in this version, so I fixed that bug in the formula and the house is actually up 1/2% from last month, but down about 9% from the original value at the beginning of the year because of the typo; my apologies…

Like everyone in the country, my house is down over the last few months, and as I per my definition of “net worth” my house (as an asset) is part of that. Coincidentally, that asset didn’t fare so well this month. My 4o1k allocation changed dramatically, and lost about $1000 itself, but I have confidence still in my new big dog DODFX. My wife actually had a good trip in here 401k journey as I’ve got her invested 50% in REREX which rode well this month, and her 401k is up 28% since last month. That’s the one that is pulling the load now – My ROTH, although invested in the dastardly “B shares” went up 9% also, which was nice, but I’m still going to dump the “B shares” fund though –

Also on the positive note though, I DID hack off almost 2% of my wifes remaining student loan and more than .5% of mine – so that’s nice to see.

All in all a mediocre month for me – but there are good things ahead, I’m ditching the B shares, and likely cashing out my Universal Life policy that is draining $205.00 per month from me and performing horribly over the past 5 years (-3% or s0). Yea, I know, that’s one of my new years resolutions – dump that policy and have that $ work for me!  Remember, when shares go down in value, BUY MORE!

Without further adieu I present my December 1, 2007 Net worth update (click to enlarge):


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  • Anon

    You seem to have a good grasp on the financial world. I wish I could get motivated enough to start something up like this. I am usually just too lazy and don’t make time to do these things, I really wish I would though. Any tips to get motivated? 🙁

  • @Anon – the best tip I can give is to think of the $ you’ll be saving in years to come. If you can’t find motivation in that, maybe financial blogging isn’t for you… 🙂