[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

So in today’s tough economic hiccup, I still try to keep my sense of humor and sometimes find a gem that gives me a chuckle. In following with Vered‘s Wordless Wednesday approach, I thought I’d leave you with a quick laugh (or frown)…

I don’t go to the mailbox but once a week, thanks to Greendimes and my recent cancellation of Netflix, but I found a good laugh in today’s mailbag in regards to my T-Rowe Price 401k that leaves me wondering if they were actually being clever or just confused with the recent market “slump”… [click image to enlarge]

Yep, I’ve checked it, and it ain’t pretty, that’s for sure. Are you mocking me? Gee, just what I need these days! Thanks a bunch marketing/mailing team at T-Rowe Price!  Right back at’cha folks, keep up the good work!  🙂

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