Looks like I’m going with Allstate Insurance

So in researching over the past month on insurance companies, I found that Geico (current) and Allstate were my 2 big contenders. Geico customer service is big and getting ahold of them has been good, but not proactive. This agent I have been working with (I’m happy to refer her if you’re looking, use the contact page) has been wonderful at getting back to me. I like to do most of my business with email if I can. I like to communicate via email for several reasons:
1. I’m forgetful. If I don’t have it written, it is usually lost.
2. I’m better emailing than on the spot with things. I can write more clearly than talk.
3. Accountability. If they say something against what I think, it is all in an email.
4. Paper trail. They’ll know what they said before, and again, can be traced back.

Anway, the price wasn’t the big thing on it – I’m paying $2,000+ either way for both home and auto. Geico uses Travelers for their homeowners coverage and they didn’t give me a good first impression. Furthermore, it looks bad when you over-insure your clients and stick them for more $. The Allstate rep was very professional and let me know the pros and cons to the whole situation. Bigtime kudos to her on that front. And the difference between her recommendations and my searching was about $200/year. So for $18/month I have a person to stick to the quotes and she said I could bug her anytime about the coverages and keep me up to date on what was available to me. I figured that alone was worth it. I don’t have that personal touch it seems with the Geico/Travelers 1-2 punch. So c’est la vie Geico, and howdy Allstate!

Here’s how the final numbers came out (click the spreadsheet):


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