Introducing MiB SiteStock! – YOUR Web Is Now Worth Something!

So I’ve been hammering on this for quite some time now in the background and downtime; it’s drawn a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights (honestly, some 20 hour stints trying to figure it out).  But I’d have to say it has come out exactly like I had hoped it would!

Learning PHP has been a task and I’m about a 4.5 of 10 in total knowledge of it, but I’ve gotten enough to get the SiteStock widget up to snuff and ready for the masses!


It’s fairly self explanatory as to “what’ it is – the screenshotss2.JPG above pretty much says it all, but basically it’s a widget that will run your site through a series of criteria and spit out a fancy little chart as to what your site is doing as of today, similar to the stock market.

Have you been an active poster on your blog? Have you sent a lot of people to your site? How long have you been established?

The widget takes all that info in and gives you a slick widget you can cut and paste on your site!


I started this out with an idea after seeing several other sites around the web coming up with these fancy widgets and scripts that told you what your blog was worth or how many links and how high your Google Pagerank was.

Well, that’s good and all but it’s very scattered and the web is more than any ONE set of those datas.

Not only was the data scattered, but some only produce a ranking based on being part of a certain group.  Technorati’s API comes to mind.  It’s good, but how deep is it?  Only as deep as their bot can crawl when in reality a site encompasses much more than that.

It’s not just about Technorati or Alexa rankings. Wrap them up in total and give me something tangible that can be put to any site. In comes MiB SiteStock.


To access the site yourself, youht.JPG should see it in my projects bar near the top, see the screenshot here?  Or just go to!

I’m not a programming professional by any means, so it may have a few bugs and glitches that I need to hammer out – let me know when you see them!

I’ve tested it about 1000 times on Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, and have had success with Internet Explorer, but I’ve seen a few glitches, let me know if I’ve got them all figured out – another reason I’m a big Firefox fan. :)


I get the metrics from several sites across the web including Google, Technorati, Alexa, Yahoo, and Altavista to name some of the magic ingredients.  They all have their own bots, and their own answers, but none are THE answer.

Combining them all and weighting them accordingly has produced exactly what I’ve been looking for – a baseline that doesn’t gauge you on ONE specific metric or bot, but everything, combined.

What Now?

Welp, I’d hope you’d go out and spread the word! Put the cut and pasted widget on your own site and come back often to see how you’ve went up or down in the world!

If you see it’s got errors or holes in it, let me know as it is still “technically” in the QA testing phase being just opened up to the public, so please let me know your thoughts on it. Too much? Too little? Wrong data? Does it smell funny?

If you still have questions, check out the FAQ section on the SiteStock homepage!

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  • Hi Hank

    This is a really cool widget. I just need to find someone willing to pay me $33,000 for my site 🙂

    Does the share price relate to some measue of authority (e.g. pagerank) and the number of shares to popularity? I notice that my site has a higher individual share price but much smaller number of shares.


  • Wow, Hank, really freaking cool! Nicely done!!

    I sure hope my stock doesn’t tank 🙂

    Emily’s last blog post..Picking Fruit

  • FFB

    Very interesting! Awesome job programming this.

    FFB’s last blog post..July 08 Review Of Free From Broke

  • Ben

    This is slick…hope you installed a little app for people to donate to the author! 😉

    Ben’s last blog Comments On Proposed Credit Card Rules

  • @Neil – The share price is your latest activity around the web. Comments, posts, people linking to you as of recent. The total shares actually encompasses the pagerank piece and other “longevity” aspects of your blog – again, that’s the secret sauce you’re talking there, but yea if you’ve been active, your share price will be higher.

    @Emily and @FreeFromBroke – Thanks for the props!

    @MilkYourMoney – ahhh, good call, adding now. 🙂

  • Great widget! I have added it to my blog and even posted about it.

    You should run some kind of contest using this widget as additional promotion. One idea would be to see who could improve the value of their blog the most in the next 90 days. I may actually have a shot at that since my blog is worth $250 🙁

    Dusty’s last blog post..Like the Stock Market? You will Love this Cool Widget!

  • Nice Hank, I might throw it up if I get a chance this week.

    Jesse’s last blog post..Selling your house – how to get an edge on the competition in a bad market

  • @Dusty – good call on the contest, when I work out the kinks that might be a good idea! Thanks!

    @Jesse – glad you like it! Spread the word! 🙂

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  • Cool. I try to keep my sidebar as clean as possible so will not actually put it there for now, but I really like the idea. Stumbled!

    Vered’s last blog post..I Am Watching You

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