I Need Your Help!

No, nothing is wrong physically, emotionally, family-wise – All is ok on that front, thanks for your concern. I’m just looking to revamp the header of my site and just need some feed back from you folks!

I polled a couple of my TOP advisers to see what they thought, and it was a big wash. 5 people, 5 different names jumped out at them, so I need a bigger pool. This is where you come in!

I was hoping you all might be able to help me out with a little redesign for M.I.B. I’m working on. I think I’m scaring off some readers that see “MY INVESTING BLOG” as the header of the site because the site is more than just “investing” and I think it is sending some people packing before they get to see what else I’m cookin’.

20080510-mib-cut.pngSo I’m in the process of reworking the header to better fit what I blog about, personal finance.

I have come up with a decent tag line ( I think) that I want to use below the site name of:
Personal Finance Should Be Personalized
But am still trying to find the right fit for the main line and all of the options people have given me sound alright, so I’m tossing it back out there for a final vote.

Note: this screenshot is just filler with the “M.I.B. SMART FINANCE” in there. It isn’t the “chosen” one. It is just the “filler” one till a suitable suitor is found. 😉

I want to keep M.I.B. in there just if nothing more to tie the site to the domain name. I like the tag line piece, but am looking for a vote (or more suggestions if you can think of any) for the new main line, so help me out here, what sounds good?


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  • As your blog encompasses more than investing, I think this is a great idea. Personal finance should be personalized. Very Clever. Very Clever indeed!

    Dusty’s last blog post..Net Worth Update – April 2008

  • I voted for living finance.

    As a side note: Until today I never even noticed “A blog about money…” under the current header. Maybe considering changing that font to a different color or something because it looks like you are keeping that in the new one with “personalized finance should…”

    just a suggestion

    thewild1’s last blog post..Shall we revert back to Solar Panels

  • hah! My choice is winning.

  • @Dusty – thanks for the kudos!

    @thewild1 – ah, good point, will likely change it up a bit then. 😉

    @MrsMicah – so far so good! I’ll likely give it till Friday or Saturday to see who the reigning champ is. 🙂

  • I keep thinking of Men in black… Could be just me though. I like it the way it is. I voted for keeping it.

    Paul @ MoneyAnswerTree’s last blog post..Who is your broker?

  • @Paul – you know what, you’re about the 10th person that has mentioned that idea also, FFB mentioned maybe having 2 guys with their backs to each other holding money sacks. 🙂 Maybe an idea for the header… hmmmm…

  • Hi, First time visitor and you post about a lot of my favorite subjects. As a new reader your Blog interested me from the Header title. By looking at your ranking and loyal readers through comments I was thinking….why fix it if it ain’t broke.

    Gord’s last blog post..The Love and Hate of Credit Cards Part II

  • I try the vote and I voted on smart money, can’t believe the 1st one got more votes. 🙂 Smarter Money, must be the smarter way !

    Sherry’s last blog post..Advance Christmas Giveaway@Wonderful Things in Life

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