I Have An Advertiser Looking Advertise On Sites I Refer; Would You Like Me To Refer You?

I have a direct referral advertiser that is looking to advertise on blogs I refer with one line text ads. This advertiser pays well and is looking to get their page rank up in google (similar to how the meme tag’s work) but with real $$$.

He prefers to advertise on personal finance blogs (he’s already on a handful), but willing to entertain other options if you have a stable blog with relatively frequent posts – Contact me, or leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address) for more details or to be referred!

There is no timeline around this so contact me, anytime for more information.

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  • JC

    Hey, I’m interested in hearing about this. Email me back with the details. Thanks.

  • Let me know the details. I’d be interested.

  • Hi Hank,

    I’d love to help you out with this. My blog covers legal and productivity topics, but I do have some finance & tax posts that would appeal to this advertiser.


  • kim

    I would be interested if they are interested in me. I post daily, sometimes multiple times.

  • You’re all logged so far – and to all the folks that emailed via the contact form; I got you on the list too!

    I’ll continue to monitor this post for new entries, or feel free to use the contact form! I think this is good for all!

  • Hey I am interested I run an internet design and how to kind of blog but I do get steady traffic so sign me up.

    wildheart4vr from StumbleUpon

  • Hey, I am also interested in this offer. Send me the details about the advertiser.

  • I’m interested. Thanks for pinging me.

  • I’m interested in details

  • @Joe, Cindy, Forex and selif – You guys are all noted. I will send you info shortly! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I’m interested in hearing more details!

  • Jaz

    Mine is an opinion blog. I do all sorts of posts. Please include me and send details!

  • I am interested and I have a personal finance blog. This is a great idea so thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for this info! Please include me. 🙂

  • @baglady
    and @anmari – you guys have had your info forwarded on! keep an eye out and let me know if you get a ping back!

  • I am game. Give me a hollar.

  • @Mark – you’re in – I’ll let ’em know.

  • I’d be interested to learn more as well. Thanks for consideration.

    Frugal Dad’s last blog post..DIY Plumbing Repair: Now I Know Why Plumbers Are So Well-Paid

  • @FrugalDad – sent you over!

  • Hank,

    Do you know if this advertiser has a time frame before contacting us? I have not heard anything from your advertiser since you sent mine over a while ago so was wondering if you could share more information with us about this opportunity?

    Mark @ TheLocoMono’s last blog post..A Banana for Thought : A Roundup of Personal Finance Bloggers

  • @Mark – Each time someone posts, I send him this link, your webpage, and email address to contact you at. I have no power over whether or not he contacts you, but I know that he has contacted a few of the others on this list –

  • I’m interested. Thank you for offering to help. 🙂

    Austin’s last blog post..Black Money Saves Our Financial Sector

  • Oooh refer me, refer me! Always looking for money/advertisers.


    David Carter’s last blog post..Why the Gas Tax Should Be RAISED

  • I’d be interested hank – hook me up!

    Pete @ biblemoneymatters.com’s last blog post..Happy Memorial Day!

  • @everyone – I’ve pinged the contact and each time he’s just said he is monitoring this page, if your site fits what he is looking for, he’ll shoot you an email!