I bought $500 more of SWEGX in my ROTH IRA

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Eric Hernandez
I am trying to fill my 2007 allotment of ROTH contributions here before the end of the year. I’m sticking with SWEGX for now – it is down, but everything is down for now. Like I wrote before, I have already put in 2k to my ROTH with Edward Jones which I now regret. But I can max it out to 4k this year and 5k next year. I put $500 more in last month to my Schwab account leaving me $1400 to add until the April 15 deadline. I think I’ll be able to do that and keep a more balanced additions in 2008 since I’ve washed my hands of the Edward Jones curse.So prices are down, but my income is up, so that means I’ll just be able to buy more in a bear market. I’m confident in the breakdown of the SWEGX fund:

Fund Net Assets
Schwab Instl Select S&P 500 42.84%
Schwab International Index Sel 29.64%
Schwab Small Cap Index Sel 24.16%
S + P Mini 500 Index (Fut) 1.17%

I think I will continue to add to it in the future. No need in diversifying a ROTH if you’re already IN a mutual fund, which is diversified by nature. Are you going to be able to cap out your 2007 ROTH?

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