How To Live Frugally Where YOU Call Home!

The MoneyLifeNetwork, cooked up some good money saving frugal visiting tips this month on how to stretch YOUR dime this summer!

But we are not satisfied.  We want more!  Send us your tips from where YOU live and be included!  We will add you to the SWEET map that shows each location, as well as your very own backlink for participating in our party! 

We are already getting folks from around the world (yes, world!) and this is going to be an amazing resource for travelers every where!  Take a look, what are you waiting for

Here is the compilation of articles done by The MoneyLifeNetwork folks:

If you have any suggestions for one of us, please feel free to let us know.  And don’t forget to get your city on this list by submitting to anyone of us!  We will update shortly.

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  • I had to smile, because I don’t think it’s POSSIBLE to be frugal in San Francisco. But I’ll be on the watch for possible tips from other locals!

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  • FFB

    Yeah, let’s fill up the map people!!

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  • Bob

    Is this still going?

    Got a few tips for anyone living in Houston.

    There’s quite a few free things to do here, including an incredible public library system.

  • @Bob – Absolutely still going! Head on over to and submit your post!

  • Lee

    It’s good to get ideas how to save. It’s harder and harder these days.