How To Have The Cheapest Thanksgiving Of Your Life!

So in my quest for frugality, my brain will occasionally come up with something that makes my family laugh.  These ideas did:

1.  Don’t have stuffing with all the works – have a large plat of sod from the front lawn.  It’s already paid for, and likely has some flavoring already added!

2.  Instead of going to the relatives for the big day, use your webcam to point all the relatives to the same place, you’ll be using electricity to keep that running, but you’ll certainly be saving more in gas driving over there!  (Also possible to just have a photo of everyone sit around the table in lieu of the real thing).


3.  The big football game on tv?  Heck no!  Instead have the big footsie party in your living room.  Everyone take off your socks and have foot battles and don’t spend $ turning on that electric tv!  If someone has athletes foot though, don’t let them play, your frugality will catch up.

4.  Instead of cranberry sauce, just use some of the dirt from the sod as the main meal to put in some water, freeze to a chill, and enjoy!

5.  Do we want turkey this year?  Nah, the cat has been pretty annoying lately…


Have a good Thanksgiving weekend everyone and be safe!

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