How Do You Earn Money From Affiliate Programs?

Don’t let the title confuse you. This is just another way of earning passive income online via one type of internet marketing called affiliate marketing.  Simply put, it’s the income derived when an affiliate website sends traffic or generates sales for a merchant website. Affiliate websites post links to merchant sites and are paid through a certain agreement. If the links bring traffic or sales, the merchant site pays the website according to the agreement. This works well with content-driven websites (blogs for example) that brings in high traffic. The higher the traffic to the website, the bigger is the chance for visitors to click on the links and generate sale.

Popularized by in 1996, they have grown very popular nowadays. A lot have even banded into affiliate program networks.  But how do affiliate websites get paid?

Basically are paid according to three basic arrangements: pay-per-sale, pay-per-click or pay-per-lead. In the pay-per-sale arrangement, merchant pays the affiliate when it sends a customer that purchases something. It could be in terms of percentage of the sale or fixed amount per sale. In pay-per-click the affiliate gets paid for number of visitors “just clicking” on the link without necessarily generating sales. When an affiliate generates a lead, somebody gives the merchant site specific information that could lead to a sale; the affiliate gets paid via pay-per-lead scheme. There are a lot of other arrangements with some providing residual income for the affiliate. This happens when the visitor continues to pay from the merchant site.

Sounds easy? Let’s make it easier for you to earn as an affiliate from the traffic on your website, blog, etc. by mentioning the most popular merchant sites now that have successful affiliate programs: of course tops the list! It has now more than 900,000 affiliate websites making it successful as the world’s largest on-line retailer.

Google AdSense lets you earn when it displays Google ads on your website. You can either earn via cost-per-click (also known as pay-per-click) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (unique page views). Launched in 2003, it has ever since become a favorite among affiliate marketers and online passive income earners.

PayDotCom now boasts of 400,000 affiliate websites and 1,000 new affiliates every day. It has received positive reviews and endorsements from online passive income blogs and affiliate marketing blogs.

ClickBank is actually an online digital retail store offering 50,000 products with over 100,000 affiliate sites. They pride themselves of up to 75% commission, presence in 200 countries and reliable tracking and payments. There are varied reviews on ClickBank especially on their payment schemes but suffice to say it is real and one can earn money from it.

There are still a lot out there and the number of affiliate programs and its networks grow daily. Don’t take my word for it; look for what’s best for your website or blog.

Affiliate programs are easy to set-up but they

do not earn money overnight. If you have an existing website or blog already, you can easily join any affiliate program. The good


thing about it is you can invest a few hours weekly and generate real passive income online. You can also get die-hard, turn into a pro and create multiple income streams from multiple websites. Bottom-line is you can earn money from it!



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