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Earn a passive income online -

How long have people asked this question? I suppose since the beginning of money. I certainly have had my fair share falling for scams. Without a big investment you’re kind of limited in your options. I have never had a lot of cash to work for me so I have always been looking for low-investment opportunites that could produce decent results that are worth my time; so when a friend of my told me about the re-birth of AllAdvantage, I had to give it a try because AllAdvantage paid a few bills for me in the late 90’s by surfing the same stuff I surfed anyway –

So when the morphed and improved brother of AllAdvantage, AGLOCO, came across my desk, I thought I’d give it a whirl again. It’s low investment ($0.00) and the possibility of higher returns (more than $0.00). It’s another way for advertisers to find you and for people to earn a little extra money from their normal web browsing. No bots, no spyware, and you can remove or minimize it whenever (it’s about the size of the start menu bar in Windows XP). It can possibly a LOT of extra money if you refer others to the program, and you can sit back and enjoy a fine passive income if it kicks off.

Back in the (AllAdvantage) day
So back in the late 90s AllAdvantage was one of my best friends.It provided a free browser plug-in that would show ads. By viewing ads while web surfing as well as by referring others to install the AllAdvantage plug-in, you could earn some money. I actually installed it and had a pretty good list of folks on the referral program and I honestly made between $400-$500 for about 8 months. I was actually really disappointed when it left, but it was a PERFECT passive income, but eventually AllAdvantage burst with the rest of the dot coms.

AllAdvantage was an interesting concept, but perhaps ahead of its time. The new incarnation is AGLOCO, which stands for “A Global Community.” AGLOCOs business model is much better than AllAdvantages so I imagine it’ll be around longer – Some of the folks that started AllAdvantage are on the AGLOCO team. Unwilling to repeat their previous mistakes with AllAdvantage, AGLOCO does not use fixed rate payment scheme. With fixed rate payment, AllAdvantage was in disadvantage (no pun intended) when faced with user abuse. They ended up paying more than they are receiving and quickly exhausted their capital.

Keep in mind, AGLOCO hasn’t promised ANYTHING yet – they may not, they may NEVER generate a profit, and therefore, NEVER pay you. They specifically say on their website:

As AGLOCO™ grows and the company generates positive cash flow, we will be distributing the excess cash to Members and shareholders of the company. In addition, Members can earn cash directly in their accounts for certain transactions with AGLOCO™ sponsor sites.

So they really may not pay you out if they don’t get cooking, but IF they do, and we can help, we’d be sitting near the top of the AGLOCO chain, and all you need to do is install a non-trojan, non-virus, non-spyware advertising line on your machine and surf the same things you surf all day. You don’t need to click any of the links that show up, you don’t need to buy anything. Just let the ads show on your screen, maybe something WILL interest you and it doesn’t hurt to click it.By installing the AGLOCO web browser plug-in, you can actually earn income from regular web surfing in 4 ways:

A kickback for browsing.
Members earn a monthly share of the AGLOCO revenue based on the use of the AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month.You earn an automatic share of AGLOCO’s revenue based on the time you spend each month browsing the web with their viewbar installed. So that’s basically passive income for something you’d be doing anyway.

Company shares.
Members earn part of the company based on the use of the AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month (currently a maximum of five hours are rewarded). Click here for details. You earn shares of stock in the company based on your monthly browsing with the viewbar. That could amount to zip, or it could be something you later sell for cash.

Referral income.
Members who use our referral system to help build the AGLOCO network will earn more. (AGLOCO only has significant value as a large network and people who help build it should be rewarded. – We also feel that the early users who told friends about YouTube or MySpace or even Google probably deserved something too, but no referral system was available to record their work).You earn a bigger share of #1 and #2 by referring others to the program, much like an affiliate program. You also get some kind of bonus from the referrals of those you originally referred, hence this post, 🙂

Revenue sharing. You earn a share of the revenue whenever an AGLOCO member buys something, such as from a browser ad, an affiliate link, or by doing a search from the viewbar.

AGLOCO’s business model:


You browse the web as usual. With the AGLOCO viewbar installed, you go about your usual web surfing.

AGLOCO members buy stuff. In the course of their normal browsing activities, AGLOCO members will collectively end up clicking on ads, doing searches that show paid ads, or buying stuff via the viewbar. This doesn’t mean you as an individual have to buy anything. It’s the collective buying effect that ads up. This could very easily amount to millions of dollars in sales with a decent-sized community.

AGLOCO collects commissions. People are already spending this money online now, but when an AGLOCO member does it via the viewbar, AGLOCO collects a commission. Again, if there’s a lot of money passing through this system, this could add up to a substantial amount.

You get paid part of AGLOCO’s revenue. Based on your participation and the number of people you refer to the program, you earn a slice of the pie.

AGLOCO’s site gives you a better understand of their business model, and it seems reasonably viable to me. The basic idea is that advertisers are already spending money to reach you, such as via Adsense, paid search results, and affiliate commissions, in order to promote their products to you. AGLOCO’s business model is based on collecting and then sharing a percentage of those advertising dollars with you, the consumer.So it basically when you’re advertising on your own site. I have Google Adsense installed that I get 100% revenue from. With AGLOCO you would get a share of that money (pending they turn a profit).This is an interesting concept because it capitalizes on existing sales rather than trying to sell something new. Advertisers basically end up paying AGLOCO a commission to promote and sell their products to the AGLOCO community, and as a member of that community, you get part of the revenue.Now who’d want to be left out of such a system? Even if it’s not a lot of money and you only earn enough to buy an extra meal each year, it’s basically free money for doing what you’re already doing.

The referral game theory
AGLOCO will reward a user who gets others join AGLOCO. and works like this:

  1. When user A joins AGLOCO, he will be rewarded 5 shares/month.
  2. When user A gets user B to join under his name, user A will be rewarded 25% of user B shares, which is 1.25 shares/month. User B will still get his full 5 shares/month.
  3. When user B refers user C, both user A and user B will be rewarded 25% of user C shares, which is 1.25 shares/month each. User C will still get 5 shares/month.
  4. This will continue until 6th level of referral.

Getting in early

The AGLOCO hubbub has been circulating for several months now, and the viewbar was released just a few months ago but it’s still early enough to get in as an early adopter. Tens of thousands of very early adopters are already on board right now, but there’s still tremendous untapped potential out there. If AGLOCO does well, it could do really, really well; and we could get in early for $0.00 and ride the “passive income” bus to the bank.

Why should I join?

It doesn’t install any spyware – It just shows you ads in the hopes that you’ll click on something and buy something with their ad network. I click something every now and then just to support the program in the hopes it’ll take off.

It’s free – Just like the AllAdvantage setup that made me a few thousand dollars, it doesn’t cost anything and it’s not Multi Level Marketing. You don’t sell anything, and don’t have to buy anything. You won’t have to hard-sell your friends on overpriced vitamins or juice in a wine bottle. This is more like an extended affiliate program to create a very large group of users. This system basically collects a share of what people are already buying online and gives it back to the customers, similar to a rebate program.

It only takes a couple minutes to sign up – You fill out a simple form on their site, and you’re in. Then you just install the viewbar when it’s released. They give you a referral link you can use to refer others if you want. I’m using my referral link in all the AGLOCO links in this post, so if you click one of my links and sign up, you’ll automatically become part of my network of referrals. Whether you want to do that or not is entirely up to you.

High potential upside with low risk – If AGLOCO goes bust and never pays anyone, you’ll have wasted a few minutes, and you can call me an idiot for telling you about it. But if the system works, and you get in today, you stand to gain a lot more than someone who joins a year from now, especially if you refer others and put time on your side. You get some credit for your extended referrals too (those referred by the people you directly referred), so you may refer only`3 or 4 people but end up with a network of dozens if someone in your network does a lot of referring. I always like making these kinds of bets because the downside risk
is neglible, but the potential upside is huge if it works.

I suggest you take a few minutes to visit AGLOCO’s site, and if you think this idea has potential, sign up for a free account. At this time their site is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, so feel free to dig around and see if their business model makes sense to you. If so, sign up. If not, scratch it. I think the biggest “pro” I see of it is the low risk (nothing) and possible high return (free $$$).

If you do sign up, feel free to add me as your referral (just click any of the many references to it in this blog or type in my referral ID when the time comes: BBHP2101). I’ll be grateful and certain to give you links back to your site, and who knows, we could be in at the ground floor making big $$$. If not big $$$, at least free and easy $$$ for our initial down payment of what? Oh yea, $0.00…

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  • I remember good old AllAdvantage 🙂 Maybe I’ll give this one a try as well. Thanks for a thorough article about this.

  • Jeff Baker

    I also remember AllAdvantage, it made a few dollars more in my bank account also back then. I have been waiting for it to come back to life! Thanks for the link! Consider me signed up under you! Thanks for the info!

  • hank

    Hey – glad to help you both! Who can forget AllAdvantage – I imagine the same people that tried AllAdvantage will try this, but at the same time, the skeptics will still likely be skeptic, but I hope this article helps knock the “wall of skepticism” down a bit. 🙂

  • Larry

    Oh! I have been wondering where Alladvantage ran off to! Thanks for the post! Even if it doesn’t pay off, you’re still getting in at the ground floor. Thank you!

  • anonymous

    I signed up under you, thanks for the detailed informational writeup on it. Do you know if they’re paying out money yet on it?