Hanks Weekly Hangouts #50 (September 20, 2008)

The 1 year mark is coming up fast and we’re cooking up a few blog-iversaries in the same timeframe in the Money Life Network making our readers very happy with some slick prizes!  Stick around next week to see the pirate booty we’re offering

Top Posts @ the MiB This Past Week


1.  MSN Smart Spending sent about 15,000 visitors this way for the 2nd week in a row, and it’s still cooking and over 250,000 views and nearly 1000 comments for my post:  My Friend Just Got Offered 290k To Work In Iraq – Would You?

2.  Debunking The 25 Most Outrageous Money Myths (part 4 of 4)

3.  Don’t Have DirectTV (Nor Their Bill) And Want To Watch ALL the NFL Games? Hint: Got The Internet?

From Stumbleupon and the RSS Reader

4. ChasingTheBull asks if It Pays to be Informed – Can Diet Pills Help You Lose Weight?

5. DiscoverDebtFreedom finds 5 Money Management Tips That Increase Your Savings Dramatically


6. AmateurAssetAllocator tells us that Yesterday Was a Four Standard Deviation Event

From The Money Life Network

7. RemodelingThisLife presents Little Reminders

8. PrimeTimeMoney presents Book Review and Giveaway: Easy Money by Liz Pulliam Weston

9. FreeFromBroke presents Personal Finance In One Simple Equation

10. BibleMoneyMatters presents Personal Finance Bible Verse of the Day: Budgeting

11. SenseToSave presents Adding cauliflower & zucchini to hummus

12. MilkYourMoney presents 15 of the Most Famous Quotes About Money

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  • Hey! Isn’t Smart Spending great? Congrats on getting so much traffic from there. I’ve been blessed by the readership that has come from Karen’s mentions and the guest posts. Keep up the great work!

    Linsey Knerl
    Wise Bread

  • Found some great links there. Thanks so much for sharing. I especially enjoyed the link to Bible Money Matters. That tied right in with your post about saving daily or weekly, even if only a little bit.


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