Hanks Weekly Hangouts #46 (August 31, 2008)

The week has changed very fast up here in the Pacific Northwest into a lot cooler and rainy, which is much different than the 105 degrees of heat in Oregon last week.  The dayjob was catching wind of outsourcing and there may be a post in the works for something similar.  I understand the business reasons for it, but still hits home a little hard when you catch the wind…  Anyway…

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7. RemodelingThisLife presents Simple Storage Solutions: In The Bedroom

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10. BibleMoneyMatters presents Your Credit Card May Give You Perks You Didn’t Even Know About

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12. MilkYourMoney presents Stop Paying the Pet Groomer

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  • Thanks for the mention, Hank!

  • Thanks for linking to my post.

    Tight Fisted Miser’s last blog post..How I Screwed Up Law School

  • Im in D.C and we have had a really cold summer. I think it has only gotten about 100 once, and it rains almost every day. I can’t forget to mention that it has been in the 60’s for the last week.

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  • Thanks for the mention and look forward to going through some of your past posts (just found your site a whiie back viaa SU)

    AndyS’s last blog post..Quirky Finance : Pet Time Sharing

  • FFB

    We had a big “in-sourcing” at work a little while back. Our company opened an office in another country that will handle work ours was doing. Business-wise I can see why, but it’s scary to think of nonetheless.

    FFB’s last blog post..Festive Link Love Carnivality #22