Welcome to the Rebrand! Hanks Weekly Hangouts #41 (August 4, 2008)

So here we are at week #41 of Hank’s Weekly Hangouts and we’ve made some good progress on many fronts.  We’re approaching 10,000 entries in Hank’s Holiday Handout #3! We’ve had some amazing participation and there is still 3 days left to get your name in the hat!

Don’t know if anyone noticed, but I changed things up a bit in my header based on what you guys recommended a few weeks back.  Hope you like it!

The MoneyLifeNetwork has updated the Frugal Things To Do In… group writing project that is still looking for more submissions to join the storm and writing about your own patch of earth!

From Stumbleupon and the RSS Reader

1. HerEveryCentCounts finds 5 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

2. PracticalHacks lets us know The 8 strategies you need to survive a recession.
3. FiscalLiberty on the other hand debates 3 reasons America NEEDS a recession.

From The Money Life Network

4. RemodelingThisLife presents A Wedding Quilt
5. PrimeTimeMoney presents Build a One-Sheet, Dashboard-Style View of Your Finances

6. FreeFromBroke presents Been Crazy Busy At Work And Home

7. BibleMoneyMatters presents A credit card you can use to help others, and get a good rate too!

8. SenseToSave presents Calling an expert was the right thing to do

9. MilkYourMoney presents Mortgage Buster: Scam or Savior?

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