Hanks Weekly Hangouts #39 (July 21, 2008)

Good weather made for some good posts this week including Good Socks – The Things I Don’t Mind Overspending And Overloading On, The Last Taboo: A Journey from Silence to Truth, Courtesy of Deb Wunder, and be sure to enter (for $300 of cold hard cash) Hank’s Holiday Handout #3! M.I.B Is Giving Away $300 And It Is EASY To Enter!

From Stumbleupon and the RSS Reader

1. ThinkYourWayToWealth finds 7 Safe and Smart Money Moves for Unstable Economic Times!

2. TodaysBudget digs onFood Shopping & Menu Planning on a Budget

3. BrokeGradStudent and crew fired up the CollegeMoneyNetwork with a slew of other great sites – go check them out at http://collegemoneynetwork.com

From The Money Life Network

4. RemodelingThisLife presents Frugal Decorating: Use What You Have

5. PrimeTimeMoney presents Organize Your Finances: Take Just One Step

6. FreeFromBroke presents Recession Or Not – The Challenge The Fed And Our Economy Has

7. BibleMoneyMatters presents Dave Ramsey explains why the “Debt Snowball” works

8. SenseToSave presents Saving for fun things–not just emergencies

9. MilkYourMoney presents Borrow From Your 401(k) Account with a Debit Card No More?

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