Hanks Weekly Hangouts #38 (July 13, 2008)

A hot week here in the Seattle area.  I finally finished my landscaping project and was slimmer on posting, but still cooked up How To Buy A Home With No Money Down! and I Took My Money Out Of The Stock Market Because I Knew It Would Fall, Now What?

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1. I found ThisWasntInThePlan stumbling around this weekend and enjoyed
What Happens When You Already Do What You Should?
2. OneChanceToLive crafted up a funny post about lazy people:  Thank you lazy people!!!

3. PersonalThoughts says Dave Ramsey is Wrong (but listen anyways); is he? Eh, sometimes yes. Read on…

From The Money Life Network

4. RemodelingThisLife finds some good Lessons In Simplicity From Children

5. PrimeTimeMoney asks Got Bad Debt? – Your Mid-Year Financial Check-Up #3

6. FreeFromBroke cooks up Goals Are Great Motivators

. 7. BibleMoneyMatters digs in the past with From the archive: Debt Snowball – pay off the smaller debts first!

8. SenseToSave rides the wave to the guests in Guest post: Not-So-Common Sense Saving Money Tips

9. MilkYourMoney decides to Save On Airfare with AirFareWatchDog

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