Hanks Weekly Hangouts #36 (June 30, 2008)

The Summer Savings Series over at The Money Life Network is wrapping up today, but if you reference the “secret phrase in one of our RSS feeds, we’ll still add you in for the $100 giveway!  We added to the team this past week with Kacie from Sense To Save and Emily from Remodeling This Life – both of whom will add AMAZINGLY to The Money Life Network scene!

From Stumbleupon and the RSS Reader

1. The Dow may be headed south, but 20sMoney might be able to give you some tips to keeping your $ in check.

2. Free books on finance are always on the list of things to get in our realm, A Dawn Journal cooks up a list!

3. Home improvements can give you a good return on your money, but sometimes more depending on where you live as DigeratiLife points out!

4. When will YOUR Financial Independence Day be? Lynnae at BeingFrugal.net helps us find and decide when yours may be!

5. PoorerThanYou finds some good points as to where to stash your rainy day fund.  Everyone should have a little something for that time!

From The Money Life Network

6.  FreeFromBroke defines and analyzes Sprint SERO Plan Follow Up.

7. PrimeTimeMoney finds a big one in 10 Ways to Simplify Your Finances.

8. SenseToSave decides to Undisclose Her Money.  I agree on that front if it’s public knowledge, as I’ve also trimmed my posts up a bit on that front also. 9. RemodelingThisLife has decided to
I Quit Reading Better Homes And Gardens

10. What is Hypermiling?  MilkYourMoney will fill in the blanks.  🙂

11.  BibleMoneyMatters discusses 7 questions that will change your life

From The Carnivals

12. Thanks to myself for hosting Money Hacks Carnival #18 at My Investing Blog

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