Hanks Weekly Hangouts #35 (June 22, 2008)

The Summer Savings Series is heating up over at The Money Life Network. Entries are flying in fast! Get your foot in now to be part of the excitement to win FREE $$$! MIB had some design issues this week that made for some trouble, but we got them all figured out and even tossed out a few fancy posts for the week that saw some good ink including $5 a Gallon For Gas; End Of The World, Or Ripe For The Picking, “Summer Savings Series” Tip #8 – Watch Movies And Play Video Games For Free, and even a revised repost How Do You Graciously Decline a Job Offer?

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1. Ginger finds a good post about making your own rain barrels. Not a bad idea if you’ve got a lot of rain in the area; certainly frugal!

2. Are teachers Victim of the Economy? It’s interesting to see how things are changing – good luck MMJ!

3. TheWritersCoin chimes in about his Bank of America Story. Banks are a business too, and they want your money as much as you do!

4. A portfolio builder checklist? What’s that? If you don’t know, it is probably something you should check out courtesy of MyInvestmentJourney!

5. GoaForFinancialFreedom finds a list that you don’t want to be on! Trust me, you don’t!

From The Money Life Network

6. MilkYourMoney asks What is a Staycation?

7. FreeFromBroke justifies Murphy’s Law in the Workplace. Oh, it happens…

8. BibleMoneyMatters keeps fit with Frugal Workout: Free Exercise Plan – 100 Push-Up Challenge

9. Prime Time Money has a few more $25 ING DIRECT Savings Account Bonuses!

From The Carnivals

10. Thanks to for hosting Carnival of Family Life: Father’s Day Edition

11. Thanks to ButtonWoodTree for hosting Festival of Stocks – 93rd Edition

12. Thanks to PoorerThanYou for hosting The Carnival of Twenty Something Finances

13. Thanks to Flexo for hosting Carnival of Personal Finance #157: Third Anniversary Edition

14. Thanks to MrsNespysWorld for hosting Money Hacks Carnival #17 – Music of the ’80s

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  • FFB

    Thanks for the link! Hope you’re having a good one!

    FFB’s last blog post..Fesive Link Love Carnivality #14

  • Hi Hank! Thanks for the link. I only wish I had some rain to fill a barrel! We are still watering our little garden to keep it alive. The grass? Well, it will have to struggle on its own for now. With a postage stamp yard, I am not too worried about it.

    I hope all is well with you and yours.

    Ginger’s last blog post..Rain Barrel Project