Hanks Weekly Hangouts #34 (June 14, 2008)

The weather showed the coldest June in 100 years up here in the Pacific Northwest! But MIB had some good posts this week including: My Landscaping Project That Is Going To Stick Me For A Pretty Penny, But It Will Pay Off Later! / Net Worth Update June 6, 2008 [$113,261.38(-3.08%)] / “Summer Savings Series” Tip #3 – Everyone Can Save Money This Way In The Heat!

From The RSS Reader

1. FrugalDad stops to smell the roses while living a frugal life. Yes it is important to save when living frugal, but not so much it hurts, step back and smell the roses!

2. MilliondollarJourney compares hybrid pros and cons. It’s always worth a look when gas is where it’s at!

3. DebtFreePlaybook chimed in on her “Lemonade Moment” post. It’s amazing how things can look gloomy, but turn our rosy!

4. OneCavemansJourney warns grads to start saving now! The way the economy is flowing, it’s not a bad idea at all!

5. Recession-proof your finances says SaveYouFool! – Not a bad idea in today’s market!

From The MoneyLifeNetwork

6. BibleMoneyMatters asks Are We Gonna Get Another Stimulus Check? I would say, it may be nice to see in my bank account, but maybe not for the economy right now…

7. PTMoney shows us 9 Money Saving Tips To Prepare For Vacation. Part of the “Summer Savings Series” going on over at MoneyLifeNetwork.com!

8. FreeFromBroke is a big fan of 1800-contacts! Why wouldn’t he be, they apparently give some pretty good customer service!

9. MilkYourMoney found The Hardest Day To Save. It’s hard to find ANY specific day to do so, but there is a “hardest” day? Which one??

From The Carnivals

10. Thanks to TeacherLingo for hosting The 175th Carnival of Education: Game Show Edition

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