Hanks Weekly Hangouts #33 (June 8, 2008)

The week was a busy one on the “normal” front so I didn’t have time to write out the posts for the next week, but I still had some good posts in waiting that kicked off a good week of reading including A Deeper Look at Late Payments and FICO Scores by Barry Paperno, One Of The Many “Lemonade” Moments Of My Life, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge Aren’t Saving You Any Money On Their New $2.99 Incentive, and Education.com is Talking Financial Smarts for Kids.  On top of it all is  the first ever writing project from The Money Life Network where we’re offering FREE money!

From Around My RSS Reader

1. Squawkfox lets us know how to Research a Prospective Employer. You really need to know your stuff when deciding on a new gig!

2. Aaron from OnFinancialSuccess guest posted at TheWisdomJournal this week inquiring, “Can You Have Too Much Insurance?

3. Everyone wants less clutter. KuaBay gives us 5 Steps to Eliminating the Clutter.

4. Flexo writes about Passive Income, and how blogging most certainly isn’t that. I agree whole heartedly; my favorite line is, “Consumerism Commentary won’t “run itself” and continue generating income for long.” No joke, the same here Flexo!

5. 20SomethingFinance is hammering out the best places to put your E-fund. Mine is sitting in WaMu right now!

From Around The Money Life Network

6. MilkYourMoney gives some places to Find Info About Your Money.

7. Optimize Your Banking for International Travel by PTMoney lists out some goodies for when you’re out and about in the world.

8. Cash Flow Planning from BibleMoneyMatters shows some interesting tips on keeping your $ and knowing its future.

9. FreeFromBroke lays out how the Economic Stimulus Package “may” have to be paid back. Uh oh!

From Around The Carnival

Thanks to RealInternetBanking for hosting Tax Carnival #37: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Thanks to HowISaveMoney for hosting Carnival of Wealth, Money & Life: June 2nd edition

Thanks to InvestInIndia for hosting Carnival of Investing In India – #2

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