Hanks Weekly Hangouts #32 (May 31, 2008)

The week tossed around a few posts that culminated in the opening of The Money Life Network! I also wrote about how you should think about ditching the “offer” Jeep is giving you for a new car purchase, reviewed an alright book, and Bumped Up My 401k Contribution!

The Top Ten List

1. FourPillars says to concentrate on savings first! Probably one of the best ideas you can focus on when you’re beginning.

2. CowboyEconomics delves into an interesting post about your social and cultural groups affecting your investing strategies.

3. PaidTwice makes a point as to why debt stinks. Doesn’t it ALWAYS stink? πŸ™‚ But sometimes it forces you to make cheap decisions!

4. DiscoverDebtFreedom tries to find out if it is a good idea to get a credit card in college. I say, if you’re good at paying it off, it’s a good catch all.

5. TheCreditLetter describes what a personal “warchest” is, and why you need it. I vote YES!

6. Saving $ on the road is a big thing on everyones mind now. ThePennySaved has a handful of gas saving ideas!

7. Trent from TheSimpleDollar caught my eye with this post about having a monthly family finance meeting. A pretty brilliant idea actually.

8. Moolanomy has a good post about “Words of the Financially Challenged“. I have heard myself spit one or 2 of those out before. πŸ™‚

9. Free wireless on the road! It’s a cheap trick to hang out with when traveling that is always needed courtesy of LivingTheCheapLife.

10. Oh oh tow truck drivers. MoneyBlueBook isn’t a big fan of their parking habits, but then who really is? πŸ™‚

Best of The Money Life Network

1. FreeFromBroke taught us how toBuy That Fun Stuff Without Going Into Debt
2. BibleMoneyMatters shows usHow to find cheap gas where you live
3. MilkYourMoney figured outThe Best and Worst Discount Brokers
4. PrimeTimeMoney tried to askWhere Is Our Economic Stimulus Payment Direct Deposit?

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