Hanks Weekly Hangouts #31 (May 25, 2008)

It was a long week with little sleep this week and Continental Airlines didn’t help me to get any more sleep! This article actually led very well into my post about good customer service, of which they didn’t really have, but upon reading more on the web, I found that MANY people didn’t get to where they were going this week with it being Memorial Day weekend! Got any big plans?

airport1.jpg Thanks to Hank (yes, the Hank writing now) for the photo. 🙂

That’s from my trip to NY this past week.

I really dig HDR images; maybe I oughta start tossing them in here, eh? What do you think?

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Top Ten Posts I Read This Week

1. SavingForAHomeOfMyown laid out some good info in regards to making good goals in May. I hope she sticks to them!

2. Anthroflex dug through all the banks around and pasted out some good info in regards to each. How does YOUR bank stack up?

3. FrugalDad has a very good “soggy hotdog” post that really brought him to realize what he needed to do to get his $ back in order!

4. SingleGuyMoney paid off one of his past financial mistakes; which coincidentally are MOST peoples same one.

5. When SHOULDN’T you use a company vehicle for company errands? I say never! DollarFrugal may agree!

6. HappinessIsBetter has a wife considering going back for an MBA – how will that hit the finances?

7. DualIncomeNoKids hammers out some points about celebrities and how they lives compared to us; it really is pretty different!

8. It’s never a bad idea to fund your emergency fund when the market is shakey. TheLocoMono debates whether to put it in or move it out!

9. GreenerPastures decides on how you want your grass to look? How about like Astroturf? I’d like ANYTHING for a lawn as mine is new with a lot of rocks in it. ugh!

10. HappyRock shows how your debt can make decisions for you! You DON’T want that happening, so get rid of it! 😉

Carnivals Participated In This Week

Thanks to for hosting Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate

Thanks to WebFreebies for hosting Adsense Tips and Tricks – May 16, 2008 – 3rd. Ed.

Thanks to CanIGetRichOnSalary for hosting Money Hacks Carnival #12 — The Twelve Labours of Heracles

Thanks to MyBeautyAndFashion for hosting A Diva’s Look at Twenty Something Finances

Thanks to HerHomeBlog for hosting Her-Home-Blog Carnival – Edition #1

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